From the Listeners…

Just FYI, I have undertaken the task of updating the ship fits mentioned on High Drag. I know we’ve been serious slackers at keeping this updated so be patient, I’m taking this weekend to listen back to all the episodes and transfer the fits up on the site. If you have a fit that you’ve been waiting for, it should be up soon™.

Some awesome artwork from the listeners!

beard hd

Zangyou doodled this while ignoring his professor in class. Behold the power of beard! Kind of looks like me when I wake up and before coffee.

Random Atlas

This one was sent to me by Commissar Kate via the OoPE forums. Yes, this was the base inspiration for my ingame name.

Thanks guys, this is really cool!

6 thoughts on “From the Listeners…

  1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked the Atlas. I was bored one morning and just decided to make one for the hell of it.

    Also I always thought you might have took your name from the Rand McNally Atlas and it seems I was correct.

  2. Hey I see by your icon you still have your pre-Incarna “Incarnation” saved somewhere. There was a huge blow-up of this with horns sticking out which “proved” you were the devil, I seem to remember.

  3. There were also pics of me in an afro and a lamp shade.

    …and, I wholeheartedly deny that I am the devil.

    (we may have hung out for a bit….but……)

    Thanks Youan!

  4. AHhhhhhh! There is just not enough time in the day. I will start posting them up this weekend! I promise!! I promise promise!! Pinky swear!!

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