HD 74: A Chat With CCP Larrikin

HD 74: A Chat With CCP Larrikin

It took a bit of work, but we finally scheduled time to chat with CCP Larrikin and we grilled him! This special segment was originally meant to be attached to episode 73, but that would have made a very…very…long episode. Instead, we made this a stand alone mini-episode and Ashterothi and I had a chance to talk about AI’s, Missions and all the (non) sexy things that Larrikin’s group work on.


HD 73: When In Iceland

When In Iceland

Well, we finally got this one done, but it’s not totally our fault. The original intent was to attach an interview with CCP Larrikin to this episode but by the time we got it scheduled and recorded, a LOT of time had passed. Plus, the darned podcast would have been nearly 3.5 hours long and not even I can stand to listen to my own voice for that long. 😉 It’s also fair to say that my old mic set up has bitten the dust and I’m still working with this new set up for a cleaner sound. Should only take a month or two…

In this episode Fintarue, Ashterothi and I break down the information gleaned during the 2017 Fanfest. I couldn’t stop gushing about what a fun time I had. Must have been the bourbon talking…

During the break, I have inserted audio recorded at the monument at CCP conducted by our very own Space Pope™, Max Singularity. The quality of it is pretty rough and I’m not exactly a sound engineer. I’ve cleaned it up as best I could and inserted it into the break. Special shout out to Benzmann, a Reykjavik native who goes to the monument and lights a candle for the players that pass away. Thank you, man!

The Yin of Fin continues with non-meta fits with an oversized AB rail harpy that will give you a bit of a surprise!

We also announce the winners of the High Drag Travel Mugs. Congratulations to Wimry, Warking and Samuel Triptee!!

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