HD 53: Schooled In Psychology


Schooled In Psychology

It started out innocently enough. Have an episode about the psychology of the players of EVE. A great conversation degenerated slightly into a stereotypical name fest and Fintarue steps in to “School” us. Shamed…we move on. The conversation continues with Sard Caid telling us about his unnatural ability to take Battlecruisers and Battleships into low sec…..solo….and survive.  Fin gives us his Yin in the form of a Hull Tanked Rail Vigilant.

Our Panel members for this episode:
Kyle (Commitment Phobia) Yanowski
Random (Dementia) McNally
Ash (Deposed C.E.O.itis) terothi
Fin (I Don’t Pity the Fool Syndrome) tarue
Sard (Overconfidence) Caid

Music for this episode:
One Little Step by Barenaked Ladies
Goin’ Crazy by David Lee Roth

Huge thanks to out to:
“Best Of Us” Channel Operator J. Mcclain for the ships you allowed us to give away!
Cherry Poppers, ChYph3r, Grima the Mad for donations to our Agony sponsored participants!

HD 52: Player Versus Player


I couldn’t bring myself to name this Eve Online Podcast Episode anything more than what it is. Player versus Player is the only content; no industry, no Meta, just conflict on a violent level on multiple scales. As an added bonus, Zao Amadues is back (and better / bearded than ever).


In this Episode we discuss:

1. Solo PVP
2. Duet PVP
3. Small Gang PVP
4. Big Block PVP
5. Different PVP environments
6. Bonus Yin of Fin and Tao of Zao segments

Our Panel for this Episode:

Kyle Yanowski @keepitlikeitwas
Ashterothi @ashterothi
Fintarue @fintarue
Zao Amadues @lokoforloki

Music in this Episode:

“Fly” by Sugar Ray
“One Week” by Bare Naked Ladies

HD 51: High Drag, Podside, and Down the Pipe. BFFs.



Its been a while, but I’m(kyle) back. The Podside guys along with Lotor from Down the Pipe joined us to talk about our favorite persistent universe. In this episode, we talk about Structures, Valkyrie, and making decisions as a Fleet Commander under the new Sov changes.

The panel for this episode is:

Kyle Yanowski @keepitlikeitwas
Random McNally @randommcnally1
Ashterothi @ashterothi
Lotor @lotor_eve
Gill Reymerus @gillreymerus
Kazumi @idonthaveatwitter

Music in this episode:
“Days Gone By” by the Offspring
“Wrong Way Kids” by Bad Religion

HD 50: Just like Old Times


Well, ladies and gentlemen, our little podcast has turned 50. Not years, mind you, but 50 episodes. The roller coaster of Eve Online interest might wax and wane, but High Drag keeps plodding on. You keep listening, we’ll keep casting. This episode has too much to list; grab your bourbon and enjoy.


Our panel for this episode is:

Random McNally
Kira Tsukimoto

Music in this episode (indy night)
Walk Like and Egyption by the Cleverly’s
Thunderstruck by Steve’N’Seagulls

HD 49: The New Guy Is In Charge


The New Guy Is In Charge

Well listeners, Episode 49 has run a little late, but we finally got it out!

Joining the rambling group of idiots are members of RVB (Red Versus Blue) and the topic is things that a New Bro FC wants/should/needs to learn before jumping out and calling a fleet. You may be surprised, it really doesn’t take much more than some intestinal fortitude! We get a early hot drop from Kyle Yanowski but he drops in time just to drag the Mumble server with him. Is this a continuation of the Mike Azariah Gremlin issue??

We now have an Azariah ECM Burst. And we’re not afraid to use it.

Buckle in and get ready to call the shots in this episode of FC’s do’s and dont’s!!

Panel Members for this episode include:
Kyle Yanowski
Random McNally
Khador Vess (CSMX candidate)
Lady Ayeipsia
Ophelia Yotosala

Music for this episode:
Walk This Way by Aerosmith
One Little Slip by Barenaked Ladies

STAY TUNED for links that Random will inevitably for get to post!

HD 48: The Agony of the J Word


The Agony of the J Word

Well we are back and in a post 2nd Anniversary party mood! Tonight’s topic was to be “behind the scenes” and joining us to discuss this and ‘other things’ was Biomassed’s very own Jaysen Larrison, MadnessNetoko, and Mike Azariah! Kyle even managed to sneak in for a few minutes.

THEN, the gremlins hit. And not MY computer this time. They crashed the Mumble server we used to record. ARRRRGHHHH!!

It took us a bit to get the show back on track and we did manage to finish it. Phew… Stay tuned for a Yin of Fin that showcases his nasty Vagabond! Oh, and whatever you do….dont say “jump” to those Agony guys! (hehehe)

The sound quality is a bit muckity since I’m using a brand new mic. Give me time to dial it in and we’ll be back to that dulcimer sound that you’ve come to know and love.

Panel Members for tonight include:
Random McNally
Kyle Yanowski
Mike Azariah
Jaysen Larrison

Music on this episode:
Learning to Fly by Pink Floyd
Jump by Van Halen

blah blah blah links blah blah.

HD 47: ARise, High Drag Is Two

ARise High Drag Is Two
Wow, it was a long time coming but we’ve made a huge milestone in podcasts, particularly for EVE Online. WE ARE TWO years old. So very few podcasts reach this point because, lets be real, it’s a LOT of work. But, I digress. Tonight’s episode is not only jammed packed but it’s our longest episode to date. (Uh, guys, can we do a couple shorter ones??) We originally were supposed to have Mike Azariah and had some hopes that Neville Smit would join us, but we got stood up. How are we going to do this Noob Hope Redux without our greatest Noob assets?? We got help. CCP Rise joins us to talk about the Recon rebalance, the shiny new Tactial Dessie and his various Noob related projects. Then we go into our show and with the help of Brigidir Black, we hammer out some Noob related questions. PHEW! This one was a labor of love and we hope you enjoy!

Be sure to go to iTunes and give us a rating! Join us in game in HIGHDRAGCHAT.

Panel Members:
Kyle Yanowski
Random McNally
CCP Rise

Music on the episode:
Are You Ready For The Sex Girls by Gleaming Spires
Wild Child by W.A.S.P.
Low Rider by War

Stay tuned for Finatarue’s Brutal Confessor!!