4 thoughts on “Episodes

  1. Really great podcast, you guys are amazing! Ash I must read your blog I agree with your assessment of the multibox automation policy. Your ‘fact checking’ pleased me more than I can express :-). Its real people that add value to commodities in eve, sure Shadow is right about stuff getting more expensive but profit margins for everyone will remain higher if automation is banned, even if productivity is lower. This policy will be game enhancing by maintaining pricing power. The cost of ships will rise inevitably, and the price of plex will diminish. This is key, it will enhance your ability to plex your account.

    As the value of minerals rises, so too will the opinions of the real people in those areas and therefore their influence proportionately. The tedium of mining is still a huge issue, it needs to be made more interesting. But in all this change is about promoting vibrant social groups/communities in space man! that take industry and defence of space as part and parcel of the constituency of a healthy alliance. Now it will be available to the newbro as it is to the verteran. Rather than as it has been in the past, the provision of minerals by multibox automata.

    Economically this is a good move for CCP

    Keep up the great work guys!

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