HD 93: Take 2-This Time No Gremlins

Take 2 This Time No Gremlins

Hey High Drag listeners!

This was our second attempt to record episode 93. In our first attempt, we invited House Hendoe and recorded a fine show but we suffered some sort of Azariah level gremlin attack. I made several attempts to work with the audio, but eventually, I ended up scrapping it. We will bring back Hendoe again, but in this recording, we have Greygal and the rare appearance from Kyle Yanowski.

Our discussions this time around cover the Alaskan Cruise arranged by Greygal, The cancellation of the Alliance Tournament and the aftermath of Guardian’s Gala.

Also, episode 93 marks the first time Opus Magnum takes the reins and runs the show! Hope you all enjoy! Please take a minute and give us a review on your preferred method of listening. It helps us be more visible to people who may be looking for EVE related podcasts.

Panel Members:
Opus Magnum
Random McNally
Kyle Yanowski
Daehan Minhyok

Music this ep:
Hey Newb by Christopher L. Watson.
(this song is available for purchase on iTunes)

Forum link for information on the “Cruisers of Eve” is here!: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/cruisers-of-eve-alaska-7-day-cruise-from-seattle-to-alaska-june-30-2019-july-7-2019/85585