HD 53: Schooled In Psychology


Schooled In Psychology

It started out innocently enough. Have an episode about the psychology of the players of EVE. A great conversation degenerated slightly into a stereotypical name fest and Fintarue steps in to “School” us. Shamed…we move on. The conversation continues with Sard Caid telling us about his unnatural ability to take Battlecruisers and Battleships into low sec…..solo….and survive.  Fin gives us his Yin in the form of a Hull Tanked Rail Vigilant.

Our Panel members for this episode:
Kyle (Commitment Phobia) Yanowski
Random (Dementia) McNally
Ash (Deposed C.E.O.itis) terothi
Fin (I Don’t Pity the Fool Syndrome) tarue
Sard (Overconfidence) Caid

Music for this episode:
One Little Step by Barenaked Ladies
Goin’ Crazy by David Lee Roth

Huge thanks to out to:
“Best Of Us” Channel Operator J. Mcclain for the ships you allowed us to give away!
Cherry Poppers, ChYph3r, Grima the Mad for donations to our Agony sponsored participants!