Episode 14: Some Speculations

Wow!  Real live has been really busy.  We had our recording done on time but all the post work thats involved ended up getting pushed to the background as that life outside of EVE smacked us around a bit.  Congratulations to Ash on the birth of a new baby boy!  My son went into surgery and is doing very well!

Sorry about the delays.

High Drag Podcast did it’s maiden live broadcast compliments of Zao’s twitch live stream located at http://www.twitch.tv/lokoforloki.  We will continue to stream live while recording the raw podcast footage for as long as Zao lets us…..

In episode 14, the cast talks a little bit about what a noob can do after the tutorial missions and then we discuss ways we have speculated in game.  Speculation on what market changes can be anticipated with an upcoming expansion or how to make the best (possible pvp) moves for the changes that have occurred.

Kyle receives and reads a letter about an enterprising pvp’er who worked up a new tactic to find and engage those pesky low sec explorers while they are farming those new exploration mini-games.

Tao of Zao and shout outs wrap up the episode.

HD Final EP14 

Participants on the cast were:  Kyle Yanowski, Zealot Comadrin, Zao Amadues and Random McNally

Zao’s Crucifier

2X 150mm Light Autocannon II’s with R.F Phased Plasma

Warp Scrambler II, 1MN Afterburner II, Balmer-Series Tracking Disruptor (one of each script), Stasis Webifier II

Damage Control II, Small Ancillary Armor Repairer, 200mm Plate II

Rigs:  1 Small Projectile Burst Aerator, 2X Small projectile metastasis adjusters

Drones:  Mix of Hobs and Warriors

Music blurbs on this episode were:

The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy

Hazy Shade of Winter by the Bangles

Big Balls by AC/DC

Rebel Yell by Billy Idol

Play That Funky Music White Boy by Grand Funk Railroad

Ghost Riders In The Sky by the Outlaws

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