HD 54: Be Brave Capsuleer

Be Brave

Be Brave Capsuleer

Well, it’s finally happened. After two months, we’ve continued with another episode. Be kind to us, we’ve had two of the staff pack up and move to the ends of the country, one experiencing a heaping helping of extra work and even we like to go outside and look up at that big shiny thing once in a while. 😉

Episode 54 returns with Random and Ash welcoming Brave FC’s and Gill Reymerus from Podside to sit and talk about all the fun changes since we LAST recorded (with some particular passion about the fleet warp changes) and the upcoming Alliance Tournement. Mike Azariah hot drops us for a bit to give a little CSM perspective. No Yin of Fin this time around. Be sure to contact him in game and remind him that we value him as a member of the panel!!

Panel Members:
Random McNally
Avaren Dias
Gill Reymerus

Music this time around:
Heart’s On Fire by John Cafferty (yes, it’s the Rocky IV theme)
Back In The Saddle by Aerosmith

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