HD 49: The New Guy Is In Charge


The New Guy Is In Charge

Well listeners, Episode 49 has run a little late, but we finally got it out!

Joining the rambling group of idiots are members of RVB (Red Versus Blue) and the topic is things that a New Bro FC wants/should/needs to learn before jumping out and calling a fleet. You may be surprised, it really doesn’t take much more than some intestinal fortitude! We get a early hot drop from Kyle Yanowski but he drops in time just to drag the Mumble server with him. Is this a continuation of the Mike Azariah Gremlin issue??

We now have an Azariah ECM Burst. And we’re not afraid to use it.

Buckle in and get ready to call the shots in this episode of FC’s do’s and dont’s!!

Panel Members for this episode include:
Kyle Yanowski
Random McNally
Khador Vess (CSMX candidate)
Lady Ayeipsia
Ophelia Yotosala

Music for this episode:
Walk This Way by Aerosmith
One Little Slip by Barenaked Ladies

STAY TUNED for links that Random will inevitably for get to post!