HD 95: April Foolishness

April Foolishness

Hey High Drag Listeners o/
Episode 95 was a challenge. We switched our recording medium from Mumble to Discord and I F**king hate Discord. Sorry. We recorded the episode and it vanished when we finished. Kind of tough to edit when you cannot find the file. We then got together and recorded episode 96 as a replacement and while we could find the file, we couldn’t download it. Not a very good start for Discord.

However, not only did we manage to track down the errant episode 95, but we also downloaded episode 96!!

Episode 95 was recorded right after the April patch and the breaking news of Brisc Rubal’s banning. While many of the EVE news outlets pounced on the Brisc news, we wanted to take a slightly different take on the discussion. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it. House Hendoe joins us in this belated April Fools recording.

Panel Members:
Daehan Minhyuk
Opus Magnum
Random McNally
House Hendoe

Music this ep:
Space Shanty by the Senate

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