HD 66: I Get my Kicks…


In typical times, we would be experiencing a post Fanfest drought of information, while simultaneously coming down off of our hype “High”. But these are not typical times. Thanks to the release of the Citadels, as well as a clear road map as to whats coming further down the road, we can enjoy an endless supply of content (Both in game, and in the meta).

In this episode we discuss:

The o7 Show
Daily Opportunities (And the skill points associated with them)

Panel Members:

Kyle Yanowski (@keepitlikeitwas)
Random McNally (@RandomMcnally1)
Ashterothi (@ashterothi)
RoAnnon (@RoAnnon)
Mr. Hyde (@mrhyde113)

Music This Episode:

“Babylon” by The Interrupters
“Take Back The Power” by The Interrupters

HD 65 Idiot Children In A Post Citadel World

Idiot Children In A Post Citadel World

Hey, High Drag Listeners!! Episode 65 brings us a small crew with some fun and intense discussion. We talk about the Citadel Patch and Fan Fest with some opinions that FanFest didn’t really bring the big hoopla, but generated some excitement regardless. We talk about first impressions of Citadel and Fin casts his wisdom with the Rupture. I must say that my ability to play “devils advocate” is subtle, no matter how idiotic I sound.

Panel Members:
Random McNally

Music This Ep:
Wrecking Machine by Permaband
Come Out And Play by The Offspring