Random McNally

Random McNally (aka Scott Lillehaug) has been a Radio Broadcaster, Harley-Davidson technician and an Elementary school Custodial engineer. My love of EVE started in March 2008 and has blossomed into an obsession. I started listening to podcasts just to fill that obsession when I couldn’t be in game.

I’ve been married for 20+ years, I have two teenage boys that are awesome, intelligent and clever. (They must get it from their mother….) My down time is spent paper gaming, LARP’ing, listening to audiobooks and spending time with family.

Oh, and playing EVE. 😉

Scott Camping

2 thoughts on “Random McNally

  1. Sir,

    I have that darn intro song from Espisode 12 stuck in my head could you please tell me the title and artist.


    1. HEHE! The songs from episode 12 are “Fire and Ice” by Pat Benetar and “We Dont Need Another Hero” by Tina Turner.

      Hope this helps!!


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