HD 79: Eve Vegas Megasode

Eve Vegas Megasode
Hey there High Drag listeners! We have returned from Eve Vegas and drop this behemoth of an episode on you!! Ok ok, it’s more like a puffed up version but we had a full house this time around. Our discussion centers on the Eve Vegas experience and what we pulled away from it, in the event that you haven’t watched or listened to ANYTHING about it since. I will say that I really enjoyed this Vegas. I liked the Linq hotel more than Planet Hollywood. I loved Drai’s nightclub over the Parisian. And, I loved that this Vegas it felt like they gave us something rather than just repeating the dev blogs. Now, if anyone happens to find my voice, would you be so kind as to send it to me, please? Be sure to listen to the very end to hear Rahne and Kyle’s “bailing early” shout outs!!

Hope you enjoy!!

Panel Members:
Random McNally
Kyle Yanowski
Mike Azariah

Music this ep:
Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley
Leaving Las Vegas by Sheryl Crow

HD 78: Lifeblood Judgement

Lifeblood Judgement

Hey there, High Drag Listeners!

Gotta say, I had the best intentions of having this out a while ago. Down side was, I had this little accident. For those who follow me on Twitter, you say pics of my beloved 4 Runner after having been tail ended at freeway speed when I was stopped in traffic. Spent a few hours in the emergency room and have been dealing with a fair amount of discomfort but I’m doing much better. However, being down a vehicle has made my life a bit more complicated. However, I have a replacement. I am doing pretty well. Next stop, Vegas!

We recorded this after that little CO2 coup performed by the Judge. He was meant to come on the show (and we’d still love to have you on, mate!) but Aussie time zones being what they are, he wasn’t able to make it. Fin is also noticeably absent as well. So, with skeleton crew, Ash, Fishbone and I muddle through the plasma and platelets of Lifeblood, the October expansion! We touch upon Resource Wars, CCP Karkur’s Little things and finally do a brief discussion of the coup of CO2. Goonswarm making things greener in EVE…(by cutting CO2)!

Hope you enjoy!

Panel Members this ep:
Random McNally

Music this ep:
Take the Money And Run by the Steve Miller Band
Judge’s Gonna Cut You Down by RMT Records/Goonswarm