High Drag Minicast: Xmas 2013

Hey all!

We will not be recording on our regular day so we’ve assembled a panel (including the extra cheesy Kyle Yanowski) and recorded a brief update. We’ve amended the rules to the Intro contest and increased the prizes dramatically!

Link for the EVE-O forums is at https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=301267&find=unread

WE also send out our holiday wishes and hope that you and yours have a wonderful 2013 Holiday!

MiniCast Xmas

Music selections are from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

High Drag 24: Third World Country of Tennessee

Third World Country of Tennessee

We are just over one year and High Drag 24 is a pretty special episode! We round table and discuss post Rubicon and chat extensively about the new Sister’s Of Eve ships, including the proposed Nestor Battleship. We also discuss the slip of the metaphoric tongue regarding the proposed nerf of the Serpentis 90% Web bonus.

Thats when the Third World Country of Tennessee kicks in and kicks Ashterothi out. Ash’s interwebz get ganked by some back water yokel.

We wrap up the episode (sans Ash) discussing Meta things that can be done to eeek out that last little performance and discuss picking targets and good match-ups. In the Yin of Fin, our beloved streamer discusses the Tormentor.

We wrap up with Announcements and Shoutouts!

This episode’s Panel includes: Random McNally, Ashterothi, and Finatarue.

Music this episode by:
For You, by Manfred Mann
I Know You’re Out There Somewhere by the Moody Blues
Rock and Roll Party In The Street by Kick Axe

Fintarue’s link for weapon identification is located at http://i.imgur.com/Wsf2ban.jpg

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From the Listeners…

Just FYI, I have undertaken the task of updating the ship fits mentioned on High Drag. I know we’ve been serious slackers at keeping this updated so be patient, I’m taking this weekend to listen back to all the episodes and transfer the fits up on the site. If you have a fit that you’ve been waiting for, it should be up soon™.

Some awesome artwork from the listeners!

beard hd

Zangyou doodled this while ignoring his professor in class. Behold the power of beard! Kind of looks like me when I wake up and before coffee.

Random Atlas

This one was sent to me by Commissar Kate via the OoPE forums. Yes, this was the base inspiration for my ingame name.

Thanks guys, this is really cool!

[Contest] Create an Intro for High Drag!

We at the High Drag podcast would like to introduce a new contest.

WE would like you to create a new Intro.

Submissions should be sent to HighDragPodcast@gmail.com.

The Rules? Simple!

Create an Intro for the podcast.

1. Intro must be 1 minute or less in length. Ideally, 30-45 seconds.
2. Must give all the panel members names. This is now an optional rule!!
3. You can use music, sound effects, Robots, space sounds….be creative!
4. Entry must be in either mp3 or WAV file format.

Our Grand Prize Winner will receive 4 PLEX and 3 Daredevils (compliments of EVEBlackJack.com)
The Best Loser will receive a PLEX and a Daredevil (also compliments of EVEBlackJack.com)

Entries MUST be received at HighDragPodcast@gmail.com by January 5, 2014! The panel will listen to the submissions and judge the best. All submissions are the exclusive property of the High Drag Podcast!

So, crank up those creative juices and design our Intro!

High Drag would like to thank Slaybag for his generous donation to the contest! We would also like to thank EVEBlackJack.com for their generous donations to the contest!

Episode 23: Raw and Uncircumcised

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

We recorded what we thought to be a fine episode and somehow, the podcast gods frowned on us. Those of you who are regular listeners to the High Drag Podcast know that from time to time, we may have a technical glitch. This time, our entire recording disappeared.

Yea….I know.

Rather than recording the episode again, we salvaged the feed taken by Twitch Tv and Fin’s stream. I tried numerous ways of stripping Fin’s awesome music out, but the voices just got too funky. After (literally) hours, I decided to run with Fin’s Raw footage and hope that the listeners understand.


Episode 23 is our attempt to help the listener squeeze the last drop of performance from their pvp. We give several tips and some information on things that would bump your pvp performance to that next level. You also get the podcast in it’s most raw and unedited form. I think the only thing we are missing is the clinks of beer bottles…oh, wait.

Panel hosts this episode are: Random McNally, Ashterothi and Fintarue. (Kyle having been swept away to the sekrit CIA pizza kitchens and Zealot having technical issues. Zao? Where the hell has he gone??)

Music this episode:
Welcome to my Nightmare by Alice Cooper
Let it Roll by Bachman Turner Overdrive
I had a good time by Boston.

…and the excellent play list from KFIN!!

Various Links:
http://novusaeterno.com/ You may even find Ash lurking about!
https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=296692&find=unread Aldap and Mizhir’s One Man Crew Video project
http://www.eveblackjack.com/ Just mention that we sent you for double your initial sign up credits!!

HD 23 Raw And Uncircumcised