High Drag 24: Third World Country of Tennessee

Third World Country of Tennessee

We are just over one year and High Drag 24 is a pretty special episode! We round table and discuss post Rubicon and chat extensively about the new Sister’s Of Eve ships, including the proposed Nestor Battleship. We also discuss the slip of the metaphoric tongue regarding the proposed nerf of the Serpentis 90% Web bonus.

Thats when the Third World Country of Tennessee kicks in and kicks Ashterothi out. Ash’s interwebz get ganked by some back water yokel.

We wrap up the episode (sans Ash) discussing Meta things that can be done to eeek out that last little performance and discuss picking targets and good match-ups. In the Yin of Fin, our beloved streamer discusses the Tormentor.

We wrap up with Announcements and Shoutouts!

This episode’s Panel includes: Random McNally, Ashterothi, and Finatarue.

Music this episode by:
For You, by Manfred Mann
I Know You’re Out There Somewhere by the Moody Blues
Rock and Roll Party In The Street by Kick Axe

Fintarue’s link for weapon identification is located at http://i.imgur.com/Wsf2ban.jpg

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