The Technology Gods are ANGRY!!

Morning all o/
Normally at this time on an early Monday morning, I’d be basking in the glow of the newest (and bestest) High Drag podcast being up.

Yea, about that…

It appears that the recording session from the evening of the 19th has been consumed by the gremlins in my computer. When I hit “record”, a file is created on my computer of the podcast which I drag and edit at a later date. Can you imagine my surprise when I go to the file and it is empty. O.O

I know that I checked the recording status several times during the show. It’s now a habit from the last time mp3 Skype recorder let me down. This time….

Well, I waited most of Saturday in the hopes of Fin giving me his twitch stream feed but when he finally logged in Saturday evening and was informed, I was given the news of “dude, I was talking quite a bit and the feed would be unusable.” Sigh…. 2.5 hours of podcasting down the freakin’ toilet.

We are currently exploring other options for recording. We are also talking about re-recording sometime this week. Mike Azariah, our guest for the episode did warn us that he was a technological black hole and this time, it proved true. We wont let that stop us though…we will beat our heads against the wall until the blocks come down.

In the meantime, I’m sacrificing chickens and goats to the Technology Gods™ in the hopes of buying favor!

HD 27: Thems Fightin’ Words

Thems Fightin’ Words

Xander Phoena from the Crossing Zebra’s podcast made a mention of High Drag being “shitty”. Well, you mix alcohol and you get the intoxicated ramblings of the panel for this episode. Kyle Yanowski returns from his stay in a hippie commune learning peace, love and organic produce but scraps it all with his return to EVE Online. Joining us on the panel is Arcturus Helio, owner of EVE Blackjack (dot)com and we discuss what we’ve been doing, KnotHeather (Mrs. Ashterothi) asks a Noob question and Random’s failure to grasp low sec and our new High Drag sponsored contest!

Helio gives us his Super Kitey Tristan fit and in the Yin of Fin, we discuss Fin’s solo designed dual tank Navitas.

Our Panel:
Random McNally
KnotHeather (Mrs. Ashterothi)
Arcturus Helio


Music this episode:
No More Mr. Nice Guy by Alice Cooper
Monkey Wrench by the Foo Fighters

Our Contest: #1 CCP Certified Xander Phoena Corpse Collection

Best API verified kill (as judged by the HD Panel) will receive…
1 billion ISK. (from Random McNally)
1 Plex (graciously donated by EVE Blackjack)
1 Plex (from Kyle Yanowski but only if a smartbomb is involved!)
1 Plex (from Ashterothi if the corpse of Xander is delivered to him)
1 Stratios (from Fintarue and KFIN 0.4)

400 Frigates (from Finatarue and KFIN 0.4 if it takes a few more of you than expected.)

(WE love you, Xander. In a hetero sort of way….)