[Contest] Create an Intro for High Drag!

We at the High Drag podcast would like to introduce a new contest.

WE would like you to create a new Intro.

Submissions should be sent to HighDragPodcast@gmail.com.

The Rules? Simple!

Create an Intro for the podcast.

1. Intro must be 1 minute or less in length. Ideally, 30-45 seconds.
2. Must give all the panel members names. This is now an optional rule!!
3. You can use music, sound effects, Robots, space sounds….be creative!
4. Entry must be in either mp3 or WAV file format.

Our Grand Prize Winner will receive 4 PLEX and 3 Daredevils (compliments of EVEBlackJack.com)
The Best Loser will receive a PLEX and a Daredevil (also compliments of EVEBlackJack.com)

Entries MUST be received at HighDragPodcast@gmail.com by January 5, 2014! The panel will listen to the submissions and judge the best. All submissions are the exclusive property of the High Drag Podcast!

So, crank up those creative juices and design our Intro!

High Drag would like to thank Slaybag for his generous donation to the contest! We would also like to thank EVEBlackJack.com for their generous donations to the contest!

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