HD 36: Skeletons, Squirrels and Doing It Solo

Skeletons, Squirrels and Doing It Solo

Summertime has certainly hit. Sometimes the urge to go out and see that big bright shiny thing in the sky is a bit more overwhelming than huddling in the dark and playing internet spaceships. At least for some of us.

We return with a new schedule now that Fin is gainfully employed and we return with a skeleton crew. Notably absent were Kyle and Ash. Thats alright though, since Random and Fin carry the load with an assist by Mike Azariah, CSM 9 member and epic mustache wearer!

Episode 36 is a squirrel laden show where we discuss what we’ve done in game, discuss our impressions of Kronos, throw a plug to the Angel Project, and thats just before the break! After we return, we talk solo pvp and get into a surprising Yin of Fin and Random’s arm length list of shout outs.

Didn’t see this coming!

Panel Members:
Random McNally
Mike Azariah

Music on this episode:
Never Been Any Reason by Head East
In The Summertime by Mungo Jerry

Pertinent Links:

Fin’s Ship Fit:
[Vigilant, Episode 36 with Fintarue’s Fabulous Hull Tanking Vigilant fit.]
5X Heavy Neutron Blaster II

1X Experimental 10MN Microwarp Drive I
1X Caldari Navy Warp Scrambler
2X Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I

1X Damage Control II
3X Reinforced Bulkhead II
2X Magnetic Stabilizer II

3X Medium Transverse Bulkhead I

5X Hammerhead II

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