Episode 20: Nightmares and writers and bears, oh my!

Here we are twenty episodes in and this is jam packed with fun. Your fearless panel of knuckdraggers wade our way through happenings in New Eden, both upcoming and slightly before the podcast was done. Zao was unable to make the show but our good friend Fintarue hosted us on his twitch stream located at http://www.twitch.tv/fintarue. Thanks Fin!

Our panel for this episode includes cast members Kyle, Random, Zealot, Ashterothi and special guest, Telegram Sam from Pod and Planet.

We start with the introductions and what we’ve done in EVE. Zealot poses the question of “should he, or shouldn’t he” go with a T3 cruiser in the Noob Segment.

Telegram Sam gets grilled on the details of the Pod and Planet Fiction Contest and Random spills about the upcoming (now long done) Battle of the Podcasters-Beard vs. Bob, against Tumbles Goodness of Fly Reckless. (I’ll give you a hint, it was a lot of fun and despite the idiotic mistakes, the Beard won out.)

Ash talks about a Nightmare in New Eden, an upcoming Tama event on Halloween where people are cordially invited to pummel on a Nightmare. But beware, there is a time limit!

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Music in this episode from:
Burning For You by Blue Oyster Cult
Paperback Writer by the Beatles
Velcro Fly by ZZ Top

Nightmares and Writers and Bears, Oh my!

The Happy Wife

I’ve gone and done it. All of this talk about Fiction, and the Pod and Planet contest , has got me motivated. Below is the first entry into the humor / other things just make you swear and curse category. Enjoy, and see if you can catch the nod to one of our cast members.  Oh, and if you see anything grammatically incorrect, let me know. I have some time to edit this before it is judged.

“Greetings Mr. Trudeau. I must say, I have been waiting a long time for this… deal”.

Janer Trudeau, CEO, watched the holo-vid curiously. He heard a soft click indicating that his Chief Financial Officer secretly dialed into the conference.

“I wish I could say the same, Capsuleer.” Janer stated, suppressing a grin. He stared at the unusually disheveled  figure before him. Capsuleers were supposed to look…utopian. This one had shaggy hair, dark circled eyes, and a bulging pot belly. Janer also noticed that the capsuleer spoke with a lisp.

“As you know, I have had you in a checkmate for some time,” chortled the Capsuleer. “ Your ability to supply the militia has come to a halt, your workers are on strike, and your board of directors have been… turned. To put it bluntly, you, and your company are mine.”

Janer rolled his eyes. The Trudeau Business empire expanded through hundreds of systems and employed millions of workers. This “green” Capsuleer seemed to be focused on a single sub-corp, on a backwater planet, in a forgotten system. Further more, the board of directors that had been “turned”, were in fact the planet’s janitor consortium. How the Capsuleer could confuse janitors for suits was beyond the CEO. Still, Janer took the call out of curiosity despite how clear it was that this particular Capsuleer, neglected to do his homework.

The Empyrean continued.

“You see, I have been working on this chess match for well over a year…” The Empyrean paused, shifted his gaze to something out of view of the holo-vid recorder,  then cleared his throat.

“I have sacrificed everything. My time, my life, my… family…” The Capsuleer’s lisp made a hissing sound as he said the word “family”. Janer could hear something screeching on one of the holo-vid audio bands; he leaned forward, hand extended, in an attempt to cancel out the noise.

“What is it now!”

An incredulous look washed over Janer’s face. He had thought the immortal had been shouting at him, when he noticed that the holo-vid figure’s gaze was focused outside of the projection again. Janer withdrew his hand from the holo-vid panel and strained his eyes in an attempt to see what had diverted the immortal’s attention. His opponent’s eyes returned to the center of the holo-vid.

“Are you ok?” Janer grinned.

“Of course I am. Just. Technical difficulty.” He stated as a matter of fact. “Where were we, ahh yes, I was about to have you sign over you comp…”

Janer Trudeau’s eyes refocused on another shape that began to take form on the holo-vid. At first glance, Janer could only discern what looked like a large spike protruding from just outside of the projection. Upon further inspection, the spike materialized into an archaic rolling pin. It was a rolling pin.  Janer watched as a large woman, holding a rolling pin, shambled into the holo-vid view.

“I told you to incinerate the trash!” The woman roared.

The capsuleer, wide eyed, tried desperately to put the holo-vid call on hold. The woman swatted his arm away with the massive, wooden pin.

“Every day, I pick up your disgusting shorts covered in that goop from your flying egg. I tend to your rotten kids, and I cook dinner. All the while, you are on that stupid holo-machine.”

“Holo-vid” muttered the Capsuleer, looking at the floor.

The woman gave him a nasty look. “Whatever it is, you are on that thing all day, every day… If you are not on that holo-machine, then you are in your egg. Why is your egg more important than incinerating the trash, and making your wife happy?”

The Capsuleer tried to answer, mouthing the word “pod” but the woman continued. “Mother was right,” she shouted, waving the rolling pin wildly “You are a lazy… entitled… moron!”

Janer eagerly watched as the woman shouted profanities in the Capsuleer’s direction; profanities that would make Federation Navy Drill Sergeants blush.

The woman abruptly stopped waving her rolling pin.

Completely forgetting what the call was originally about, Janer leaned forward and watched the confrontation. The woman, rolling pin lowered and pointed, took a step toward the Capsuleer.

“Are… You… Wearing…  Your pod goo soaked shorts… on… my… new… sofa?!?”

Rolling pin raised, the woman began howling and lunging for the Capsuleer. Janer laughed as the woman swung the utensil. To his credit, the Capsuleer was able to dodge the first  two swings but was caught by the third blow. The pin crashed into the Empyrean’s temple and sent him flying over the fluid soaked sofa.

The Capsuleer tried desperately to calm the woman down, but the blows continued to reign. She turned her attention to the holo-vid.

“You ruined my sofa, I’ll ruin your holo-machine!”

In a surprisingly swift movement, the woman leapt over the sofa and began hacking at the holo-vid controls.  Each blow caused the holovid image to distort, until the Capsuleer wrenched her away from the controls.

The woman spun around and pointed the rolling pin at her Empyrean husband.

“You will incinerate the trash this instant, or I will invite my mother over for a week!” The large woman shouted.

The defeated Capsuleer sagged his shoulders and nodded his head in compliance. The woman slowly turned and waddled toward the holo-vid. She squinted as she stared into the image of Janus Trudeau.

“You must be my husband’s little friend” the woman huffed. Before Janer could respond, the woman raised the rolling pin above her head, and with two hands, brought the club down on the innards of the holovid, severing the connection.

Janer blinked. He leaned back in his chair and tried to let his brain wrap around the charade he had just witnessed. He blinked again and began to roll into a hearty laugh.

He stood up, wiping away a tear of laughter from his eye, and walked over to his desk. He tapped an intercom button.

“Hi honey!” said a female voice.

“Did my beautiful Chief Financial Officer see the entire holo-vid?” Janer queried, still chuckling.

“Yes dear, I did. You know I like to spy on you,” cooed Mrs. Trudeau, “Should I be worried about this Capsuleer?”

“No, not really. I think he will be focusing his attention elsewhere, at least for a while.” Janer replied with a smile.

“Well then, maybe we can put all of this business behind us… and go home early?”

“Sure. Why not.”

“You know honey, there is an old saying about times like this… Happy Wife…”

“…Happy life,” Janer smiled.

Beard Victory Part I

Well, round one is over!

Short version is….I winned. (or…won, to help Kyle’s sensibilities. I kid, dude!)

But the epic errors really made me feel foolish. Here’s how it went down.

Fight One. Condor vs. Merlin. Got lock and started burning towards him. Launched my first volley of Light Missiles and thats when Concord swooped in and BOOSH! Since I had “first blood”, Concord was kind enough to liberate me from my Condor.

Fight Two. Kestrel vs. Merlin. Got that “invite to duel” thing sorted out and we went back at it with gusto! However, as a Merlin pilot, I am well aware that range dictation is not exactly it’s strong suit. Merlins and Kiters do not get on well. Random kills Tumbles.

Fight Three. Incursus vs. Breacher. Even Herr Bert (our Ref and video recorder) said that this would be bad for Tumbles. Dropped drone and sped in using long range ammo as I closed. I chased him about and when things started looking truly bad for Tumbles, I made the mistake of switching to short range. My damage fell off, he caught up and then the Small Ancillary Armor Repper ran out of Paste. I got pasted. Tumbles kills Random.

Fight Four. Kestrel vs. Breacher. I was pretty confident that the Kessie would dominate, and it did. Tumbles did manage to land a couple hits but my shields were never in any danger. Random kills Tumbles and wins the B.O. 3! Tumbles, with good grace said he could not justify having a beard and then shaved it off on the twitch stream. Bravo sir, bravo.

We had an honor fight in Ventures as a “cool down” exercise.

Fight Five. Random’s Laser Venture vs. Tumbles Autocannon Venture. Man….this is just downright fail. Drop drones, Lock target and open fire with Scorch and CONCORDOKKEN! Yep, did it again. Forgot to “invite to duel” and suffered my second Concord loss. In shame, (and amidst RL family pressure) I too have sacrificed my beard to the beard gods as penance. You will see the proof soon™ as I’ll need to get pics and such.

Fight Six. While waiting off my timer, I fitted a replacement Venture and we tried it again. Scorch Focused Pulse with Hobgobs ate Tumbles alive. Random wins!

Herr Bert has cleaned and assembled the video for the duel and is located at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGrlmLkg7_Q Hope you enjoy!!

Tip of the hat to:

Tumbles Goodness! You were a wonderful opponent and I had a LOT of fun!
Herr Bert! You were an awesome ref and commentator. The footage will be processed (re: cleaned up and long delays removed) and you will be able to see it on his youtube channel. I’ll post the link when it’s given to me
Mike Azariah! For arranging prizes with The Angel Project and his donation of a Worm to the prize pool!
Kirith Kodachi and Telegram Sam for their contributions as well.

Tumbles will need to concede to the power of BEARD on the next recorded podcast of Fly Reckless. Watch for episode 97 of FR for that announcement. If there are new players that would like a nice “get started package”, post on the site or contact us and we’ll make sure you get some “newbro” status!

We’ve sort of talked about making this a “thing”. Since I am “King of the Hill” (for this minute or two) I was issued a challenge by Herr Bert. Our next Beard vs. Bob match (the name may change as participants change) will be in high sec (he has to play in MY yard) and will be with Dessies. So far, the talk is NO Talwars. (since I seem to be really successful at missile chucking)

Thank you all for a really fun time and watch for the links to the footage when it comes available!

Here’s proof that the beard was sacrificed in penance! Just an FYI, my chin hasn’t seen daylight in years.

Beard Vs. Bob (or Battle of the ‘Casters)

Well, it has come to this.

It started out innocently enough with simple conversations with my fellow ‘casters in the uber sekrit podcast Skype channel. When Tumbles Goodness (the co-host with Connall Tara of Fly Reckless) gave a wonderful shout out to me and announced that he gets me riled in the channel. (Paraphrase, mine) The normally stoic German/Scandinavian in me went “huh?”.

Now, the gauntlet has been thrown and I must defend the BEARD against the representative of Bob.

This Thursday, October 17, 2013, I must defend the High Drag Beard Powah against Tumbles and the Faith of Bob. It will be at 2000 Game time in Amarr. Best of three in frigates with an honor duel in Ventures.

Word is, the contests will be frapsed and recorded (and whatever) and potentially make it into the vault of The Daily Roam. (I shall carry my head high despite my shame if I loose.)

I shall have to draw upon the collective beard power. Zao. Fintarue. Epic beards. Lend me your strength since I feel we can vanquish the fickle power of Bob. (Insert Rocky IV training montage here!)

(That, and we’ve each thrown 15 mil in the pot!)

The looser must also go on their respective podcast and acknowledge the “power” of the winner.

Wish me luck, all. (particularly since we are both self admitted fails at pvp!)

(late edit: CSM8 Member Mike Azariah has offered to sweeten the deal by adding a Worm to the prize pool. Both Tumbles and I have graciously agreed. Thank you Mike! And for those of you who don’t know, Mike Azariah is collecting bounties. If you have a few iskies, please throw some more bounty on him. He’ll appreciate it.)

(late late edit: Broadcast from the Ninevah’s host, Kirith Kodachi will contribute 15 mil to the prize pool! Make sure to download and support Broadcasts, fellow podcast listeners!!)

(late, late late edit: Mike Azariah has confirmed that Sindell Pellion from “The Angel Project” will donate a prize pack that the winner will be able to give away on their podcast. Thank you Sindell!)

(additional late edit: Telegram Sam from Blue Federation and the Pod and Pilot Fiction Contest has donated an Apotheosis to the prize pool. Check out Pod and Pilot and write!!!)

The Return of Pod and Planet!

The Pod and Pilot Fiction Contest has sort of a soft spot for me.  Not only does it give me a chance to exercise those writing muscles (long since atrophied) but it also marks a reference in time when I became involved in the High Drag Podcast.

I had stumbled across the rules of the 2012 version of Pod and Pilot whilst bored at work surfing the EVE-O forums.  I thought it was an awesome idea and having a mindless labor oriented job gave me time to brainstorm ideas that I thought I’d like to put down.  As a loyal member of RVB (and surfer of the RVB forums….) I felt it was my duty to pass along this shining little star.  Kyle was one of the first to respond.  (We wont mention how his story beat out mine and he won a prize.  Really.)  This began the correspondence between he and I that lead to my invite to the podcast.  So.  Yea.  Pod and Pilot is important to me.  Some real life things have occurred in my life that have reinforced to me that we are NOT Ten feet tall and bulletproof.  I always thought that I’d give writing a shot when I’m physically no longer able to do my job.  But I digress….

Speaking of…Pod and Pilot has returned for 2013 and I’m excited to be involved in it’s promotion.   For those who are interested in giving it a shot, here are the links to the contest information.




There are three categories for this years contest.  Eight Thousand Suns In New Eden, A Day In The Life and Other Things Just Make You Curse And Swear.  Eight Thousand Suns is the most difficult since it requires you to write within the EVE/New Eden canon and you cannot use “In Game” character names, corp names or alliance names.  A Day in the Life is a bit more fluid where you can use “in game” names and can take a shot or two on the canon.  Other Things is a humorous category and should be fun to read.  Deadline for submissions is November 10, 2013 at 2359 GMT.

Prizes this year are donated by Somer Blink and the High Drag Podcast.  So far, the prizes total up to 101 PLEX!!  If you would like to donate to the prize pool, contact Telegram Sam in game.

The Judging this year will be conducted by:

CCP Eterne

CCP Falcon

CSM8 member Mike Azariah

Telegram Sam (who is also the organizer of the contest)

I have decided that I’d like to submit and hope that no one will feel that any sort of misconduct is involved.  Hey, I’m just wearing a sandwich board for the contest.  Yea, I threw in a PLEX for the prize pool as well.  Regardless, the entries from 2012 were an awesome read and I’m a little worried that the competition will be cranked up another notch.  (just as long as Kyle doesn’t beat me out again.  Damnit, I said I wasn’t going to mention that)

Show some support to Telegram Sam and submit, or just read and enjoy.

Writers on your mark!  Get Set!  Go…..

Episode 19: Here’s Your Rubicon…

Just in time for your Honey-do chores tomorrow. Our panel this time around is made up of Kyle Yanowski, Random McNally, Zao Amadues, Ashterothi, and finally, the creator of the Aura Android app, Marcel Devereaux. Zealot is feeling the pressure of the Government shutdown and couldn’t be with us this time around. Thanks to everyone in Zao Amadues’ twitch channel that contributed to the content of this episode. Streaming High Drag live, really has become part of our Modus Operandi; if you haven’t experienced eve podcasting live, you, my friend, are missing out.

In this episode:

  • We debate the merits of Rubicon and all of the mystery surrounding it
  • We reveal the winners of the High Drag Haiku contest
  • The Noob Corner covers Vic Vorlon’s blog “A Visit to New Eden”
  • We give a shout out to Zendane and his awesome audio chronicle Eve Reader
  • We gear up for the 20th episode milestone
  • Tao of Zao covers an interesting solo Celestis fit (Stay tuned for the fitting text)
  • Music in this episode is by The Bouncing Souls