HD 75 Just Not In The Karrdes

Just Not In The Karrdes
Hey High Drag listeners! This episode was a tough one for me to finally stamp approval on. We were joined by the famous (or infamous) Aleksyev Karrde of EVE mercenary fame. Aleks has been running the Declarations of War podcast for longer than we’ve been around and a fully bloodied and vetted podcaster. How he got the audio quality he did…

Suffice it to say, the audio quality on this episode was much poorer than I usually like. We’ll beg your forgiveness, but the conversation was excellent. Please dont beat us up too much…

I would like to give a special shout out to Push Industries (in game) for blazing fast delivery of Random’s gear to his new home! Thanks so very much!

Panel Members:
Random McNally
Aleksyev Karrde

Music this episode:
Alpha Dirtbag by Sindel Pellion