Episode 5: Man Down!

This episode of High Drag was, with regrets, without the aid of our Lead Chair Kyle! I was nervous and had some technical difficulties, so apologies if it sounds rough.  With practice….

On this Episode:

  • Vile (a community blogger) joins us to pimp his blog and pass the info out to old and new players about things we may just be ignorant about in our favorite game!
  • CSM member Trebor joins us to discuss the CSM minutes and give us his insights as to how the summit went.
  • Zao Amadues and Random McNally discuss solo pvp tips and Random’s derp moments in RVB.
  • Kyle Yanowski is missing in action, or in some black helicopter some where.
  • Music this time around includes Steppenwolf, the Greatful Dead, and Cinderella.
  • And the great new blog http://eveill.blogspot.com

Hope you enjoy!


Episode 4: Faction Satisfaction

I had to repost this episode because some helpful people have pointed out that the feed was slightly broken. Hopefully, this will fix the problem and I can stop beating the poor code monkeys. Tonight we are recording another episode of High Drag, so stay tuned for some more EVE podcast goodness.In this Episode:

Download Episode 4!


  • Zao Amadues and Random McNally return to solidify their positions as HD cohosts
  • We hero tackle Faction Warfare
  • Zao conitnues his solo segment
  • Another 300 million ISK contest is announced
  • Matchbox 20, Bowling for Soup, and Matchbox 20 play some music for us