HD 40: The Over The Hill Show

The Over The Hill Show

Well, it was bound to happen. Our drunken little podcast has hit maturity and is now considered “Over The Hill”. What better way to celebrate our backslide into old age than to have the return presence of Mike Azariah, CSM member and a feller that is older than myself. (That makes him ancient…) We balance this with Fintarue and we discuss the upcoming Hyperion release and the nifty new changes that are on the horizon.

In our second segment, we discuss a letter by the Mittani himself on the Mittani(dot)com. C’mon dude, you cannot be arrogant and ignorant…. Mike brings in the “traffic and weather” segment by reporting where the dangerous areas of New Eden are and then Fin brings us to ascendancy with a Retribution fit.

Slightly shorter episode since we were tired…

Music This Episode:
Changes by David Bowie
Everysinglebodyelse by Butch Walker and the Black Widows

In the “are you serious” links:

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HD 39: Shhhh, My Boss Is Here!

Shhhh My Boss Is Here

Welcome Back to our listeners! Episode 39 Brings our intrepid crew of ‘casters and we are joined by Mike Azariah for our first hour and Bronya Boga, CEO of Isogen 5 (and my boss)! Our first hour has the talkative panel discussing what we’ve been doing in game and a couple of the noteworthy news items Post-Crius, namely CCP Rise’s dev blog on HAC’s and Battleships and the impending nerf of the Ishtar. This lights a fire under Fin since this will take place smack dab during the Alliance Tourney! We also discuss Theomachy, a hunger games style tourney. This lights a fire under Mike Azariah since the tourney takes place on Sisi, but the prizes are on TQ. In our second hour, Bronya steps forth and discusses a day in the life of a wormhole pvp corp, what is needed, what you need to know and how a poor sucker like me is going to survive. We wrap up with the Yin of Fin finishing up with noob fits for you Caldari and Amarrians!

Music this episode:
Down In The Hole by Alice In Chains
Head Like A Hole by Nine Inch Nails

Important Links:
https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=361722&find=unread CCP Rise’s dev blog

Watch for Fin’s Fits coming soon!™

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