HD 92: Back In My Day-A Noob Hope Revisited

Back In My Day-A Noob Hope Revisited

Hey High Drag listeners!

Between real life and real illness, our first episode of 2019 got out a little slower than I hoped and for that, I’m very sorry!

Episode 92 was a retrospective. During gluing together the montage in our anniversary episode, I got to thinking about how Episode 38: A Noob Hope was one of our most popular episodes at the time. That was 5 long years ago and many things have changed. So, issuing in the new year, we decided to revisit A Noob Hope and see how our answers changed from then. Hope you enjoy!

Panel Members:
Random McNally
Opus Magnum
Daehan Minhyuk

Music this ep:
Alpha Dirtbag by Sindel Pellion