HD 69 Ghost Hunting And Eve Vegas

Ghost Hunting And Eve Vegas

eve-vegasWow, did this episode get BIG! High Drag episode number 69 (yes, yes, go ahead and make the jokes) is bursting with EVE Vegas talk (at nearly 3 HOURS) and we managed to get the elusive CCP Ghost to interview. We had originally scheduled to record AT Vegas, but time tables got messed up and we just couldn’t make it happen. However, Ghost sat down with us and on a pre-recorded segment, talked about the NPE “Inception” and what that entails. But WAIT, thats not all…!!!

We are joined by a plethora of members to talk about not only attending EVE Vegas 2016, but for those who couldn’t attend, there was discussion about the live stream and the enjoyment from it.

For those that read the previous blog, I have been dealing with the death of my mom. RL does come before game, but I feel bad that it took so long to get this out. I hope, you will enjoy it!

Panel Members This Episode!:
Random McNally
J. McClain
Mike Azariah
Fishbone (Hi Fish!)

Music this episode:
I Had A Good Time by Boston
Learning To Fly by Pink Floyd
Warp To The Dance Floor by Permaband

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