HD 57: AT 514 T3D WTF?


AT 514 T3D WTF

Well faithful High Drag listeners, we are back! (Little late in the editing process but vOv )

This episode starts off with a slow expectation. Heck, it was just Fintarue and myself. OK, Fin, myself and a bottle of Jack. O.O

However, Mike Azariah joins us as we discuss the verdict passed down by CCP Logibro regarding the collusion in Alliance Tournament XIII between Warlords of the Deep and Camel Empire. You can tell that the Jack is starting to affect Random…

We take a break and showcase the movement to Port Dust 514. A montage work put together by Proto of the Neocom staff. C’mon CCP, dont let our ground troops down!!

We come back from the break and discuss Fin’s T3D (Tech 3 Destroyer) focus group and that leads us to the Yin where Fin tackles the newly improved Brutix Navy Issue!

Panel Members:
Random “now on the Wagon” McNally
Fin “Bro, do you even pvp” tarue
Mike “I gots a Magic School Bus” Azariah

Viva Las Vegas by ZZ Top