Episode 10: Waggro Revisited


So many things happening in EVE.  The ramp up to FanFest, the end of the CSM elections, the announcement of Odyssey and all the proposed features that are in the works.  While we did revisit the Waggro topic (and there is 100 million ISK on the line), it turned out to be a small little chunk of the ‘cast.  We did read some player submissions and we hope you like them.

We are without Zao this time around so the Tao of Zao will be put off until the next recording but we have more than enough to keep you entertained in this episode!  Kyle, Random and Zealot are the engineers of this train wreck!

This episode contains lengthy discussions of the proposed changes by (our lord and savior) Fozzie and Rise, Waggro Revisited and some NEWB prospective focusing on Zealot.

After discussion with the judges, we feel that Khergit Deserters was the winner with the shoulder rub story.  Congratulation Khergit,  you should find an extra 100 Mil isk in your wallet!

Music this time around:

Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway (from the Blues Brothers soundtrack, this guy could belt it out!)

Bitch by Meredith Brooks (for some reason my wife likes this song.  Go figure)

U + Ur Hand by P!nk (rocker with attitude!….and I think she’s hot.)

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Episode 9: Reservoir Hosts

We’re back! And only after a light delay. Zealot Comadrin, a new recruit, joins the cast along with Kyle Yanowski, Zao Amadues, and of course, Random Mcnally.

In this episode:

  • The Battle of Caldari Prime
  • A Noob perspective
  • Tao of  Zao
  • And then Random Finally joins us (after his puzzle agent meeting).

Music in this episode includes:

Stuck in the Middle With You by Steelers Wheel (hence the Reservoir Dogs title)

Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf

Houses of the Holy by Led Zepplin (by request)

High Drag 9 Reservoir Hosts

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Despite the technical difficulties (Random’s computer is slowly killing it’s gerbils) and an unexpected road trip, we finally got this thing together!  IF you like the podcast, we kindly ask you to go to iTunes and give us a rating and review.  This helps the ‘cast become more visible for others!  Thanks a ton, everyone!

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