HD 85: Hero Logistics

Hero Logistics
Heya High Drag Listeners!!

Wow, not sure what was going on with my voice, but I was stoked when this recording took place. Coming off the first weekend of the Alliance Tournament and taking part in the A Band Apart team’s first two wins was amazing! Don’t take just MY word for it, even the announcers were happy with our performance! I had to do an episode with, what was undeniably, the heroes of the ABA run on Sunday. Our Logistics pilots! Watson couldn’t make it but Leonard sat down with Ash, myself and guests Dirk MacGirk and Rixx Javix to discuss the (supposed) war and more importantly, AT. No Yin of Fin this time so no ship fit for ya, but we did get some great conversation! Hope you enjoy.

Panel Members
Random McNally
Leonard Umbriel
Dirk MacGirk
Rixx Javix

Music this Ep
Winning by Santana