HD 86: EVE Is Dying, Amirite?

EVE Is Dying Amirite
Hey High Drag Listeners!!

We’re back with a long awaited episode 86! We’ve actually starting farming for some help in the bullpen to keep these podcasts running even when (yours truly) isn’t available to be on. With that in mind, we’ve brought OpusMagnum into the fold and together with Ash, Kyle and myself, discuss some of the interesting newest bestest things that have been announced by CCP over the past couple weeks. Drone Swarm, the October Balance Pass and the modification of the harassment policy are just a couple of things we settle into for this episode! Yep, EVE is dying. Long live EVE!!

Man, it feels good to be doing this again!!

Panel Members:
Random McNally
Kyle Yanowski

Music this Ep:
Come and Get It by Badfinger