HD 94: Oh Captain, My Captain!

Oh Captain My Captain
Hey High Drag Listeners!

Episode 94 was our 2019 dart board episode where we had a ton of little things to touch on. From the opening lines from Ashterothi saying “now everything is happening”, we move on through with Grats to Katia Sae for her amazing tour of New Eden, Wars, the spring patch….Whew!! So many little things. Then, the bitter. CCP Guard announced that he was leaving CCP and Evesterdam would be his last event as a dev. Our shout outs at the end are a tribute to Guard and the positive energy he brought to a sometimes infuriating game. Svenni, we will miss you. o7 and Fly safe!

Panel Members:
Random McNally
Opus Magnum
Daehan Minhyuk

Music this ep:
Warp to the Dance Floor by Permabanned.