HD 71: Fin Fed The Gremlins

Fin Fed The Gremlins
Hey there everyone! Episode 71 was a particular challenge!! Our Twitch Streamer extraordinaire, Fintarue, must have fed the gremlins from Mike Azariah! We recorded and whenever Fin would talk, he would robot out. His stream listeners said he sounded fine, but just wonky on the recording. Ash usually provides a first pass but there was another gremlin related miscommunication and needless to say…delays.

In this episode, Mike Azariah joins us for the first half of the show where we talk about all the darned things that are happening in game, at least as of early March. Fin pitches in a fair bit but keep in mind that our pvp guru has been edited heavily out with most of that being a voice only a robot could love. We did save much of the Yin, that being…Stabber!!

Oh, and there may be a contest announced at the end. Just sayin’.

Sigh…sooner or later we’ll get this timed out better. Promise.

Panel Members:
Random McNally
That gremlin ladened so-n-so Mike Azariah

Music this Ep:
You got another think comin’ by Judas Priest
Shit to do by Bowling for Soup (yea, this one’s not family friendly)