HD 67: The Bitching of Yesterday

verbal-release The Bitching of Yesterday

Ok, I’m going to say it. 2016 really sucks.

We of the High Drag Podcast have had a bitch of time getting our respective real life crap to gel together. When we do manage to come together, it takes forever and a day or so to get the nuts and bolts tightened, the sparkle glue spackled on and the duct tape to hold. Episode #67 was no exception! We recorded it during the summer CCP hiatus during the Shadow of the Serpent event, and by the time we kicked the tires and sent it out the shop, it’s long….long…over.

We will apologize for the stale content, but the discussion is good and (hopefully) still relevant. In this ep, we talk about the alliance tourney announcements and command links in our first segment. After the break, we go into a great discussion of the Dailies and the Shadow of the Serpent event. Hopefully, you enjoy the discourse, and not worry too much about the fact that it’s over a month old. o.O

Fin revisits his Hecate fit with a twist of new implants in the Yin.

Otherwise, it’s just three guys bitching…about yesterday stuff.

Random McNally

Music this ep:
Come and Get It by Badfinger
That’s Life by David Lee Roth