HD 98: High Drag Eve Universe Mash Up

High Drag Eve Universe Mash Up
Heya High Drag Listeners o/
I’m not sure who got the recording dates messed up (ok, I’ll take the blame for it) but we discovered that I had planned a High Drag recording the same evening that Ash planned an Eve Universe recording. Well, just like that “peanut butter in my chocolate” candy bar commercial, we decided to put the two together and see what shakes out. This episode is heavily lore influenced where it comes to the Triglavian Invasion. Honestly, there is sooo much deep information given that I’ll need to listen a couple times to digest it all. We are joined in the recording studio by Amarrian RP’er Arsia Elkin and Loremaster Makoto Priano for this powerhouse mash up.

Panel Members
Random McNally
Opus Magnum
Daehan Minhyok
Arsia Elkin
Makoto Priano

Links soon to come!

3 thoughts on “HD 98: High Drag Eve Universe Mash Up

  1. Resource Wars was not intended to be consumed content, like Missions or Anomalies; it was intended to be a teaching tool. But CCP decided to play their brand of a guessing game. RW is for experienced players to lead new bro miners/players in a fleet objective and coaching in a social link. The players just looked at and said; Dude, where’s my reward? But altruism is never really been a hallmark of Eve. Which is why the monetary reward is garbage. The real award is contributing to a new player success story and helping them become hooked on the game.

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