About The High Drag

The High Drag Podcast found it’s roots in the awesome organization of Red versus Blue. Inspired by the Eve Online game, and more importantly, the Eve Online Community, the original three members of the cast came together in between glorious frigate explosions to have a few drinks and talk about balancing our Eve lives with our real ones. What started out solely focused on RvB PVP eventually evolved into the show we have today. Covering news, politics, ship fittings, faction warfare, new player experiences, industry, solo PVP, beards, and so much more, we think we have really hit out stride. We have been doing this cast for almost a year, can be found on Stitcher and Itunes, and will continue to do the cast as long as you keep on listening.

We should also clarify what “High Drag” means. High Drag is a play on the phrase “High Speed, Low Drag” which is an American Soldier Idiom that means something is “cool”. Since, according to the Eve Online Lore, our ships’ warp drives create a considerable amount of 4-way drag on the ships we fly, I shortened the phrase to “High Drag”. I wouldn’t try and make too much sense of it, like the show,  we picked the name and went with it.

13 thoughts on “About The High Drag

    1. Haha in due time I’m at sea with the pacific fleet in the VAQ 129 “Vikings” squadron we are in operations now but when I return to port of call I’ll get something going I’ve never played but I’ve watched my best friend play and I’ve honestly never seen anything like eve it’s a remarkable game it’s really more than a game compared with its contemporaries out there anyways we can exchange emails and stay in touch for when the time comes

  1. Recently returned to EVE and catching up on my podcast listening. Found you guys and really enjoy the show. Your talks about traveling through null sec gives me hope that I’ll actually be able to complete my journey. Fly safe!

  2. Once again, love the show guys! Still a newbro in EVE, and finally decided on what I want to do for my career 😀 Salvaging ftw. Only problem is I want to do lowsec salvaging, but I just can’t seem to survive there. Any pointers on staying alive, salvaging, or just plain not sucking at EVE? Lol 🙂 WHEN IS YOUR NEXT SHOW?! I need mah High Drag!

    1. Don’t let folks fool you, salvaging can be lucrative in lowsec, especially when you come across some elite wrecks (assault frigates, other t2 ships). Exploration will pay more, but being able to ninja salvage ships is something much, much more fun. Here are some tipstips:

      1. Learn to use Directional scan. Your best salvage source will be inside of faction warfare plexes, dscan will not only tip you off it is safe to salvage, but, also indicate if there are elite wrecks…

      2. Develop relationships with key leaders in faction warfare.. The idea is to develop a network that will inform you when large battles will take place… If you have the network, you have a good source of salvage ( this is part of the salvager meta game).

      3. Learn to fly an astero or a prospect. In my opinion, cloaky salvage ships are really fun to fly. Both have a decent cargo hold.

      Hope this helps, and thanks for the kind words. 🙂

      1. That’d be great! I’m Random Thurston in game if you’d like to add me as a contact or any some such. Like I said though, I’m still pretty nooby and haven’t really had the chance to meet many folks in game. I’ve got one or two RL friends that play, but it’s hard to make schedules meet up most of the time lol. So, yeah I’d love to go on a salvage roam 😀

  3. I do like show, but I definitely enjoyed it more in the past when there was at least a passing attempt to keep it family friendly. Are those days gone for good?

    1. Generally I’d say no, but there are always slips. Some intentional, some not so much.

      Sorry about that, but the podcast is listed as “explicit”.

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