HD 76 Well, Back In My Day

Well, Back In My Day

Hey High Drag listeners! Episode 76 was an excellent discussion! We were Ash-less this time around but at the last minute, we were joined by Elise Randolph and Jin’taan to compare and contrast the original Summer of Rage (Post Incarna) and the current Summer of Mild Discontent. Honestly, it started feeling alike a room full of old guys chatting about the “good ol days”. It was so much fun! In the second segment, we discuss another topic that’s near and dear to my heart, Alliance Tournament. With Elise and Jin’taan doing commentating the upcoming tourney, I felt that tapping their unique perspective would make for AT enlightenment. Fin’s Yin covers the low sec non-bubbling flycatcher.

And I think the audio turned out much better on this episode.

Hold all the hate mail. 😉

Panel members:
Random McNally
Elise Randolph

Music this ep:
Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) by Styx
We Are The Champions by Queen