HD 87: Expansion Foreshadowing

Hello High Drag Listeners! We’re back on schedule with episode 87 of the High Drag Podcast. With Eve Vegas looming on the horizon, and the recent acquisition of CCP by Pearl Abyss, we delve into the feelings of optimism and pessimism swirling around this game that we love.


In the Episode we discuss:

1. HighSec Wardecing with the Wrecking Machine Alliance
2. Concerns and Optimism about the recent CCP aquisition
3. Project Nova (and much much more!)

Panel Members:

Random McNally
Kyle Yanowski
Daehan Minhyuk

Music this Episode:

“Warp to the Dance Floor” by Permaband

Interested in trying out HighSec Wardecs?
The Wrecking Machine
Wrecking Machine Discord

HD 86: EVE Is Dying, Amirite?

EVE Is Dying Amirite
Hey High Drag Listeners!!

We’re back with a long awaited episode 86! We’ve actually starting farming for some help in the bullpen to keep these podcasts running even when (yours truly) isn’t available to be on. With that in mind, we’ve brought OpusMagnum into the fold and together with Ash, Kyle and myself, discuss some of the interesting newest bestest things that have been announced by CCP over the past couple weeks. Drone Swarm, the October Balance Pass and the modification of the harassment policy are just a couple of things we settle into for this episode! Yep, EVE is dying. Long live EVE!!

Man, it feels good to be doing this again!!

Panel Members:
Random McNally
Kyle Yanowski

Music this Ep:
Come and Get It by Badfinger

HD 85: Hero Logistics

Hero Logistics
Heya High Drag Listeners!!

Wow, not sure what was going on with my voice, but I was stoked when this recording took place. Coming off the first weekend of the Alliance Tournament and taking part in the A Band Apart team’s first two wins was amazing! Don’t take just MY word for it, even the announcers were happy with our performance! I had to do an episode with, what was undeniably, the heroes of the ABA run on Sunday. Our Logistics pilots! Watson couldn’t make it but Leonard sat down with Ash, myself and guests Dirk MacGirk and Rixx Javix to discuss the (supposed) war and more importantly, AT. No Yin of Fin this time so no ship fit for ya, but we did get some great conversation! Hope you enjoy.

Panel Members
Random McNally
Leonard Umbriel
Dirk MacGirk
Rixx Javix

Music this Ep
Winning by Santana

HD 84: The Prodigal Son Returns

The Prodigal Son Returns

Heya High Drag Listeners!
Well, despite floods and broken hearts and scheduling, we managed to bring the boys in to record an episode that was way too long in the making. I wont spoil the episode but the CCP layoffs after Vegas 2017 unsettled me greatly to the point where I had to consider whether I wanted to continue playing. Bring on January 2018 and my house gets flooded, sending me into hotel exile for 3 months. During which, I didn’t have enough wifi to play. Now, I’m recovering from knee surgery back at home and I turn to my “mistress”, Eve.

A lot of this episode’s content is, quite honestly, old news. But it’s been on my mind since Vegas and I felt I really needed to get it off my chest. Ashterothi, Fintarue and The Judge join me for a walk down the layoffs and how they effected us. We also talk some positive with the Abyssal sites and how those bite sized bits of content could be just what the game needs. Felt good being able to do this. Hope you enjoy!!

The Panel:
Random McNally
The Judge

Music this ep:
Drift Away by Uncle Kracker

Random’s Passive fit T2 Gila
[Gila, …]

Drone Damage Amplifier II
Damage Control II
Dread Guristas Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer

Corelum C-Type 50MN Microwarpdrive
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II

Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II
Auto Targeting System I

Medium Core Defense Field Extender II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II

Valkyrie II x2
Hammerhead II x2
Vespa II x2
Infiltrator II x4

Nova Fury Light Missile x3652
Inferno Fury Light Missile x3200
Mjolnir Fury Light Missile x3612
Scourge Fury Light Missile x3136

Fintarue’s Arty Wolf
[Wolf, Wolf]

Gyrostabilizer II
Tracking Enhancer II
Co-Processor II
Small Ancillary Armor Repairer
Assault Damage Control II

Caldari Navy Warp Disruptor
Coreli C-Type 5MN Microwarpdrive

280mm Howitzer Artillery II
280mm Howitzer Artillery II
280mm Howitzer Artillery II
280mm Howitzer Artillery II

Small Polycarbon Engine Housing II
Small Ancillary Current Router I

Republic Fleet Depleted Uranium S x376
Republic Fleet Phased Plasma S x319
Republic Fleet EMP S x520
Nanite Repair Paste x77
Republic Fleet Fusion S x300

Having “Eve” Fun in Statistics Class


Eve makes people better. This sentiment has been echoed by many, in fact, even I, in a drunken stupor, posted an article on another website, not too long ago, about how Eve Online inspired me to take Differential and Integral Calculus. The post was unusually popular, because by all accounts I should not be looking at numbers. I am a middle aged adult nearing retirement with an education in liberal arts who just happens to spend too much time blowing up internet spaceships – I suppose space nerds like to see themselves inspiring others to make the world a more enlightened place. Although I don’t yet see myself as more enlightened, I am continuing down the road of education in mathematics, inspired by Eve Online and it’s community, and this time, dipping into the realm of statistics.

I should have started here, in statistics, because Eve is a game of Statistics. Market Traders use statistics by staring at the Jita price history tab. Hunter Killers (if they are smart) use statistics through zkillboard. Planetary Interaction Foreman use statistics to calculate their monthly hauls. I would bet that Eve’s knuckle dragging Fleet Commanders use some form of subjective probability to make decisions. Even Fintarue, solo pilot and streamer extraordinaire, uses a form of “pirate” probability where the likelihood of him winning an engagement always equals “1”. With all of this practical application of the subject drenched in the game I love, why not learn what “P” means.

So I enrolled in MATH302 in American Public University, again, and unlike the previous Calculus classes, this time I have the advantage; the ability to learn a concept, rule, or theorem, and immediately move over to New Eden to apply the knowledge in a hands on environment.

This weeks lesson, centered around the rules of counting and the rules of probability and with every new lesson comes a mandatory forum post where I have to solve a problem using the knowledge gleaned from the textbook. The required stuffy forum post for this week mentioned something about class rooms and the probability of selecting a random number of boys and girls – but just like Eve – I took that stuffy requirement and played the game – or solved the problem – in my own way. The post is below – if you’ve made it this far, you might as well continue. If you are having trouble reading the text in the pictures, then head on over to imgur.

forum post

The professor did not like the post, and, I’m ok with that. So here I go again. A liberal arts major, a podcast host, a Soldier, a duck out of water, in Statistics class. I don’t think I would have the same ability of inculcating the lessons of this class without falling back on the game – or listening to reruns of the Eve Prosper Podcast, but I’m plodding on, getting better. You all inspire me, the game inspires me. Eve makes people better – I may even be able to prove that… if I gather enough data.



HD 83: The Hunt


Springtime is here, and with the new season comes a new server wide event: “The Hunt”. This event has something for everyone in the game, except miners (sorry), but everyone else can have fun in one way or another, hunting the Guristas.


In this episode, We go down “The Hunt” rabbit hole (yeah, that pun!) and discuss :

  • The Hunt
  • Event rewards
  • The tragic injustice of resource wars
  • The ruthlessness of the game


Ou Panel for the episode:

  • Kyle Yanowski
  • Ashterothi
  • Fintarue

Music in the Episode:

  • “Due West” by The Real Mckenzies

Next Episode:


HD 82: Drunk Eve History


Murphy put a kibosh on our Panel’s plans to record on Friday – So in true military fashion, I called the more local cavalry over to my house to have a few drinks. One thing led to another, and before we knew it, I was telling (and recording) the history of how The High Drag Podcast came to be. This is an unconventional episode – as our normal format was thrown right outside of the window. Based on the reaction to this show – if that reaction is positive – we’ll either do a spinoff podcast or add “Drunk Eve History” as a segment to High Drag. If you’ve read this far – good on you – and you still don’t know what we are trying to do – go here.


In this episode, we discuss:

  • How High Drag Came to Be
  • Red vs. Blue
  • Aideron Robotics
  • The ruthlessness of the game


Ou Panel for the episode:

  • Kyle Yanowski
  • “Bunny” aka Eric Lowry

Music in the Episode:

  • The Drunk History Theme Song