HD 77: From The Ash

From The Ash

Hey Listeners!

Episode 77 brings a fair bit of discussion lead by Ashterothi! We discuss the Agency, the state of Factional Warfare, the Yokai corporation and alliance tournament and we’re joined by a few great voices. Apothne joins us as he wraps up his commentating from EVE-NT, Greygal jumps in with an update from the Yokai situation and some of us regular grunts. Fin shows charity with an alpha in the Yin with a Tormentor fit that helps out one of his poor victims.

Hope you enjoy!

Panel this Episode:
Random McNally

Music this Episode:
Lawyers, Guns and Money by Warren Zevon
Pinball Wizard by The Who

HD 76 Well, Back In My Day

Well, Back In My Day

Hey High Drag listeners! Episode 76 was an excellent discussion! We were Ash-less this time around but at the last minute, we were joined by Elise Randolph and Jin’taan to compare and contrast the original Summer of Rage (Post Incarna) and the current Summer of Mild Discontent. Honestly, it started feeling alike a room full of old guys chatting about the “good ol days”. It was so much fun! In the second segment, we discuss another topic that’s near and dear to my heart, Alliance Tournament. With Elise and Jin’taan doing commentating the upcoming tourney, I felt that tapping their unique perspective would make for AT enlightenment. Fin’s Yin covers the low sec non-bubbling flycatcher.

And I think the audio turned out much better on this episode.

Hold all the hate mail. 😉

Panel members:
Random McNally
Elise Randolph

Music this ep:
Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man) by Styx
We Are The Champions by Queen

HD 75 Just Not In The Karrdes

Just Not In The Karrdes
Hey High Drag listeners! This episode was a tough one for me to finally stamp approval on. We were joined by the famous (or infamous) Aleksyev Karrde of EVE mercenary fame. Aleks has been running the Declarations of War podcast for longer than we’ve been around and a fully bloodied and vetted podcaster. How he got the audio quality he did…

Suffice it to say, the audio quality on this episode was much poorer than I usually like. We’ll beg your forgiveness, but the conversation was excellent. Please dont beat us up too much…

I would like to give a special shout out to Push Industries (in game) for blazing fast delivery of Random’s gear to his new home! Thanks so very much!

Panel Members:
Random McNally
Aleksyev Karrde

Music this episode:
Alpha Dirtbag by Sindel Pellion

HD 74: A Chat With CCP Larrikin

HD 74: A Chat With CCP Larrikin

It took a bit of work, but we finally scheduled time to chat with CCP Larrikin and we grilled him! This special segment was originally meant to be attached to episode 73, but that would have made a very…very…long episode. Instead, we made this a stand alone mini-episode and Ashterothi and I had a chance to talk about AI’s, Missions and all the (non) sexy things that Larrikin’s group work on.


HD 73: When In Iceland

When In Iceland

Well, we finally got this one done, but it’s not totally our fault. The original intent was to attach an interview with CCP Larrikin to this episode but by the time we got it scheduled and recorded, a LOT of time had passed. Plus, the darned podcast would have been nearly 3.5 hours long and not even I can stand to listen to my own voice for that long. 😉 It’s also fair to say that my old mic set up has bitten the dust and I’m still working with this new set up for a cleaner sound. Should only take a month or two…

In this episode Fintarue, Ashterothi and I break down the information gleaned during the 2017 Fanfest. I couldn’t stop gushing about what a fun time I had. Must have been the bourbon talking…

During the break, I have inserted audio recorded at the monument at CCP conducted by our very own Space Pope™, Max Singularity. The quality of it is pretty rough and I’m not exactly a sound engineer. I’ve cleaned it up as best I could and inserted it into the break. Special shout out to Benzmann, a Reykjavik native who goes to the monument and lights a candle for the players that pass away. Thank you, man!

The Yin of Fin continues with non-meta fits with an oversized AB rail harpy that will give you a bit of a surprise!

We also announce the winners of the High Drag Travel Mugs. Congratulations to Wimry, Warking and Samuel Triptee!!

Panel Members:
Random McNally

Music this ep:

I hope you enjoy!

HD 72: And The Goons Are Laughing

And The Goons Are Laughing
We got a quick turn around on episode 72 in the hopes that we would have it out before fanfest. This one turned into a double down on our conversations for episode 71 where we cover the final hours/days of the CSM elections but we also make a serious discussion on the newly announced Drilling Platforms. So many questions but the one thing that is for sure…The Goons are laughing since they’ve had time to get their infrastructure in place. Will New Eden survive??

ChYph3r from Am0ck and EvePodcasts.com joins us for a frank discussion on the mechanics of the new drilling platforms, Fanfest, CSM and some good natured Random ribbing. A very sleepy Fin perks up to give us the lowdown on (IMHO) one of the coolest looking ships in the game…The Dramiel!

Panel Members:
Random McNally

Music this ep:
Other Trucker by the Dollyrots (I love this band!!)
Volcano by Jimmy Buffett

HD 71: Fin Fed The Gremlins

Fin Fed The Gremlins
Hey there everyone! Episode 71 was a particular challenge!! Our Twitch Streamer extraordinaire, Fintarue, must have fed the gremlins from Mike Azariah! We recorded and whenever Fin would talk, he would robot out. His stream listeners said he sounded fine, but just wonky on the recording. Ash usually provides a first pass but there was another gremlin related miscommunication and needless to say…delays.

In this episode, Mike Azariah joins us for the first half of the show where we talk about all the darned things that are happening in game, at least as of early March. Fin pitches in a fair bit but keep in mind that our pvp guru has been edited heavily out with most of that being a voice only a robot could love. We did save much of the Yin, that being…Stabber!!

Oh, and there may be a contest announced at the end. Just sayin’.

Sigh…sooner or later we’ll get this timed out better. Promise.

Panel Members:
Random McNally
That gremlin ladened so-n-so Mike Azariah

Music this Ep:
You got another think comin’ by Judas Priest
Shit to do by Bowling for Soup (yea, this one’s not family friendly)