HD 89: Misrepresenting Bloody Omir

Misrepresenting Bloody Omir
Hey High Drag listeners!

Episode 89 starts with the idea of finishing up the Eve Vegas 2018 coverage but the only thing we really had left to talk about, was the teaser for the story from last ep. So… we continue with discussion of the Crimson Harvest event. This event, last year, was dedicated to Bloody Omir, the leader of the Blood Raiders and his ritual of harvesting the blood of man. However, this year’s harvest had little to do with blood. Crimson ….what?

We talk Onslaught, the expansion coming up this week but also discovered that a LOT of it was covered. Save for the few odds and ends bits we didn’t cover from the Vegas…..damnit, I give up!! Now we’re back at square one!

Random, Ash and Min discuss the Harvest event, Onslaught and whatever other squirrel ideas pop in. Hope you enjoy!!

Panel Members:
Random McNally
Daehan Minhyuk

Music this Ep:
The Carebear Type by Black Huey

Also, that picture of Bloody Omir is from the supremely talented Gabriel Cassata. Please throw all your money to him!

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