HD 88: Mostly Vegas 2018 Recap

Mostly Vegas 2018 Recap
Hey High Drag listeners!!

Welcome to the 2018 Vegas Recap where we try to stay coloring within the lines but like good Kindergarteners, we just cannot quite do it. We recorded this fresh after the Eve Vegas event but Real Freakin’ Life put some whoop ass on me and kept me from my editing duties. So…while we weren’t the first to get content out, we are, of course, the best.


In this episode we strain to keep things to two hours and talk about the coolish things we saw and heard for the upcoming year of Eve. We didn’t hit on it all. No surprise there. Tonight’s talking heads featured Random and Ash, new host Daehan Minhyok, and we are joined by Greygal with a cobbled together pirate transmitting signal. Hope you enjoy!!

Panel Members:
Random McNally
Daehan Minhyok

Music this ep:
Eve Shanty by ChrisWatsonAU

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