HD 81: Playing Catch Up Part II

We seem to be back on the road toward consistency by bringing you episode 81 of the High Drag Eve Online Podcast! In the previous episode, we discussed new players coming into the game, and old players returning. In both cases, we end up having to learn a whole new game – which is why we are breaking this episode into 3 segments. Enjoy!


In This Episode, we discuss:

Highsec Meta
Lowsec Meta
Guardians Gala
Various bits of Lore

Our Panel for this episode:

Kyle Yanowski

Music in this Episode:

“Changes” (again) by Charles Bradley

One thought on “HD 81: Playing Catch Up Part II

  1. I would add my voice to see Resource Wars continued. It was interesting to hear from CCP Guard that it was intended to be a new-bro “class-room” with teaching from experienced players. Which never actually happened. With a complete overhaul of the reward mechanics it would be possible to see RW escalated to miner/minor version of Incursions. Which could see the rise of communities dedicated to this content. The elusive “players are retained when socially connected” goal that was actually the target aimed for could be achieved.

    The actual content mechanic, race against time works as it is now. That specifically is what I would like to see retained.

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