HD 72: And The Goons Are Laughing

And The Goons Are Laughing
We got a quick turn around on episode 72 in the hopes that we would have it out before fanfest. This one turned into a double down on our conversations for episode 71 where we cover the final hours/days of the CSM elections but we also make a serious discussion on the newly announced Drilling Platforms. So many questions but the one thing that is for sure…The Goons are laughing since they’ve had time to get their infrastructure in place. Will New Eden survive??

ChYph3r from Am0ck and EvePodcasts.com joins us for a frank discussion on the mechanics of the new drilling platforms, Fanfest, CSM and some good natured Random ribbing. A very sleepy Fin perks up to give us the lowdown on (IMHO) one of the coolest looking ships in the game…The Dramiel!

Panel Members:
Random McNally

Music this ep:
Other Trucker by the Dollyrots (I love this band!!)
Volcano by Jimmy Buffett

2 thoughts on “HD 72: And The Goons Are Laughing

  1. POS are still required for Jump services, cyno jamming. There is also drug/booster manufacturing which has not yet had iteration to.

    If it reaches a point whereby a POS cannot be newly anchored, similar to how Outposts have been done. Then we might see content generation over poking corps through war-decs to take down POS.

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