HD 70: Ascension Post Mortem

Ascension Post Mortem

Well, here we are again in 2017!! Our intent was to get a recording done earlier but Mike Azariah’s gremlins somehow found their way into our equipment. After the sacrifice of many chickens, bottles of holy water and twinkies for bait, we got our gear up and running and finally put one together. Kael Decadence from the Mind Clash Podcast joins us as we return to the podcasting world discussing CSM 12, Alpaca’s (or Alpha Clones) and a delightful rant on the Sunesis! Fin wraps our first episode of 2017 with a Retribution fit that gives the Slicer a run for it’s money!

Panel Members:
Random McNally
Kael Decadence

Music this episode:
Starting Over by John Lennon
Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind

5 thoughts on “HD 70: Ascension Post Mortem

  1. yeah but in the Butterfly Effect someone rescues the miner. It needs to have a blinking disclaimer over the top “this never really happens”.

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