HD 67: The Bitching of Yesterday

verbal-release The Bitching of Yesterday

Ok, I’m going to say it. 2016 really sucks.

We of the High Drag Podcast have had a bitch of time getting our respective real life crap to gel together. When we do manage to come together, it takes forever and a day or so to get the nuts and bolts tightened, the sparkle glue spackled on and the duct tape to hold. Episode #67 was no exception! We recorded it during the summer CCP hiatus during the Shadow of the Serpent event, and by the time we kicked the tires and sent it out the shop, it’s long….long…over.

We will apologize for the stale content, but the discussion is good and (hopefully) still relevant. In this ep, we talk about the alliance tourney announcements and command links in our first segment. After the break, we go into a great discussion of the Dailies and the Shadow of the Serpent event. Hopefully, you enjoy the discourse, and not worry too much about the fact that it’s over a month old. o.O

Fin revisits his Hecate fit with a twist of new implants in the Yin.

Otherwise, it’s just three guys bitching…about yesterday stuff.

Random McNally

Music this ep:
Come and Get It by Badfinger
That’s Life by David Lee Roth

6 thoughts on “HD 67: The Bitching of Yesterday

    1. I’m guessing this may be a wordpress thing…I am listening off the website and getting no ads but that may because of my admin rights thing.

  1. Interesting episode, guys! I had some thoughts on why Shadow of the Serpent, and the other “live events” are built the way they are. I think its a “minimum complexity” effort from CCP; designed with the least chance of breaking the game.

    If you’re the PvE designer, asked to built an interesting live event with a certain amount of resources to spend, the easiest implementation of that is “a bunch of red triangles in space that drop skins and some loot”. That’s it. No standings changes, no choice of taking sides. The next level up of complexity was having the blood raider drop a +10 accelerator (remember the bugs in that on its first release?!). The next level up in complexity is the Shadow of the Serpent with its new UI, its own points system, the special loot cans etc. But again, this was a self-contained event with no standings issues to possibly screw things up for a player.

    I think the “grind” feeling you got was because the event was quite long (6 weeks or so?). If you were aiming for bronze with just the shipyards that would be 100 shipyards in 42 days…just over two a day on average….which doesn’t sound bad, does it? Getting gold with the same sites would have been 10 shipyards a day approximately, which certainly filters out a lot of people. It did me! I stopped at silver, but I know plenty of people reached the final can.

    Remember also that CCP’s aim with these live events is to get players undocked and interacting with each other in space, either co-operating or fighting. I don’t think the primary aim of these events is to get as many players as possible to complete them.

    Personally I hope they bring it back, with the ability to reject one or two missions a day. If they stretched and added a “take sides” aspect to it, one that didn’t affect standings but instead affected the lore in some way, that would be nice. Imagine, say, there were two sets of sites, or two possible targets in each site, like you encounter two fleets fighting and you choose to help one side or the other. CCP would add up how many of each side got killed, and at the end of the whole event, announce some lore change because of that “victory” or “loss”.

  2. You have a valid argument, but when you add the problems of limited playing time (this summer for me was particularly “eventful”) and the fact that when I did play, there were usually 20-30K others competing for the same sites, it turned what could be a relatively quick and painless procedure into a long, drawn out issue. I quite literally flew back and forth between my POS system in The Forge to deep in Khanid space just to find the sites that would give me points to satisfy my missions.

    Now, for the record, I did do this is High sec. Of course, the 85% of EVE residents would be competing for the sites.

    What made it feel “grindy” to me was 1.) You had to complete 10 sites to get any points that applied to the can. 2.) The spawn rates were very inconsistent so you were constantly flying about in circles waiting for the next spawn. 3.) The limited time I had to play forced motiviation on running the sites only. All my indy stuff was put on the back burner while I dedicated my time to run them.

    Don’t get me wrong. I thought the idea behind what they did was incredible. It was just the grind that turned me off. If someone was lucky enough to have a nice quiet area where the sites spawned frequently and they had plenty of time to run them, then it would have been a wonderful experience. However, since I was on the other end of that spectrum, it was difficult and grindy.

    If it wasn’t for the big twinkie (Vehement bpc), I never would have taken the time or effort to finish it.

    I will say, I liked the cooperative style of this. I realize that it was against the normal “EVE is a pvp game” mentality, but I thought it was well done.

    Thanks for your comments!!

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