HD 65 Idiot Children In A Post Citadel World

Idiot Children In A Post Citadel World

Hey, High Drag Listeners!! Episode 65 brings us a small crew with some fun and intense discussion. We talk about the Citadel Patch and Fan Fest with some opinions that FanFest didn’t really bring the big hoopla, but generated some excitement regardless. We talk about first impressions of Citadel and Fin casts his wisdom with the Rupture. I must say that my ability to play “devils advocate” is subtle, no matter how idiotic I sound.

Panel Members:
Random McNally

Music This Ep:
Wrecking Machine by Permaband
Come Out And Play by The Offspring

5 thoughts on “HD 65 Idiot Children In A Post Citadel World

  1. Enjoy the podcast. Pertaining to New Player Experience….How do Minecrafters learn their game? I watch my kids playing Minecraft and watching all these “youtubers.” Sometimes at the same time. I would argue their learning from other players who’ve recorded what their doing. My 9 year old has a ridiculous grasp of Minecraft mechanics, mods, raiding, crafting, collaboration over skype…all of it relevant to the Eve experience. Maybe CCP tutorials aren’t what’s needed but more player generated content other than a wiki.

    1. Cannot argue that! More content is always best! Downside with the “player” part of “player generated” is actually getting the more passive players to be more active.

  2. I want to clarify the doomsday bug/incident since I was on the receiving end of that. The issue was specifically related to the doomsday itself and nothing to do with game mechanics. The bug was that the lance doomsday was supposed do dmg based on the signature radiis of the ship. This part of the code was not working, so the weapon was doing max damage to every ship every tick no matter the size. While funny was a broken mechanic. CCP reimbursed every pilot that submitted a trouble ticket, me included confirming the bug. I also received srp for that ship. I want to thank the titan pilot for that video because it made it very easy to show CCP how broken that weapon was.

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