HD 64: Let Slip The Dogs

Let Slip The Dogs
Cry Havoc

And war has come to New Eden, and what a war it is! Episode 64 brings the group of misfits, under the tutelage of Professor Wizard Fintarue, into a discussion of the war, and what can new players do to get involved. The battle lines were drawn, however, with Ash and Kyle on the “Allies” side and RoAnnon and Fishbone on the evil “Axis” side! Professor Wizard Fin reins in the hostility with a low SP Merlin fit in the Yin section.

Panel members:
Random McNally
Kyle Yanowski
Mike Azariah
Professor Wizard Fintarue

Music this episode:
War by Edwin Starr
Why Can’t We Be Friends? by War (featuring Eric Burdon)

As always, Fins rail Merlin fit pending!

4 thoughts on “HD 64: Let Slip The Dogs

  1. Its a shame, I wanted to listen to this but the fake voice thing out me off, didn’t even get past the introductions 😦

    1. Sorry you feel that way. Sometimes, it’s tough to reign in Professor Wizard Fin. It’s fair to say that he doesn’t do it for the whole episode.

  2. Yes, i’m glad i skipped forward a little bit.. 😀 apologies for grumping here earlier.
    Very glad I carried on listening, you guys really go in depth!

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