HD 62: Intelligent Conversation with DomanarK


Intelligent Conversation With DomanarK

Welcome back faithful listeners!! Episode 62 was a little slow in the making since RL had me really really busy. As it goes, we’re only a little dated. However, the discussion is still pretty good as Kyle Yanowski joins us from Korea and DomanarK from Des Moines and somehow a couple of Goons snuck in to discuss the latest patch. We are without the services of Ashterothi this episode and you can tell we struggle to actually talk for two hours. We really need to get Ash back. Due to the changes, there was no ship fit in the Yin of Fin this time around, but he takes a few minutes to describe the technique called “Slingshotting” or “Rubber Banding”. Tune into the Yin segment to hear how to counter that!

Panel Members:
Random McNally
Kyle Yanowski

Music this Episode:
(The System of) Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether by Alan Parsons Project
Crossfire by Stevie Ray Vaughn

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