HD 60: We’re back in 2016


Were Back In 2016

We’re back!! After our long break, the beloved band of heroes return with episode 60 and did we have a full room. So much stuff to talk about but the topics funneled down to a few. Tweetfleet Slack and Fintarue’s incredible logi pvp video. You can tell we’re a little rusty after our long break but we manage some great discussion. Hope you enjoy!

Our Panel:
Chendow Descent

Our Music:
It Could Have Been Me by the Strokes
Not Strong Enough (ft. Brent Smith) by Apocalyptica

Fintarue’s Incredible Logi Video is located at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LucaOB3dV3g

Yin of Fin Tormentor:
T2 Small Focused Beams


Damage Control
Adaptive Nano Plating
Small Ancillary Armor Repper

Small Energy Collision Accelerator
2X Aux Nano Pump

2 thoughts on “HD 60: We’re back in 2016

  1. Enjoyable show.

    Just a concern about the opinion requiring a person to have their real name associated with the name an eve Character

    1st the Real Life name is registered with CCP any actions that can be tracked to Character can be followed to the player through CCP. There is a line of accountability.

    On other hand “Everyone else” on Eve is Anonymous, able to attack the person’s point of view out side of game, “Swatted” Anonymous Death Threats, Hidden Vigilante Justice. Gamer Gate is a Dramatic demonstration of this. There is no line of accountability

    I seems that this is just another case of unjustified entitlement. It like demanding to know what are the real life names of the people Involved in 3rd party hired focus group.

  2. I will profess a certain amount of naivete when it comes to internet security/cyberbullying, however, as an “old school” person, I have seen interpersonal relationships with the next door neighbor and the person standing in line at the grocery store drop off dramatically. I truly feel that this is a result of people staring into their phones and computers. Rather than actually speaking to our neighbors, we barricade ourselves in our space and chat via typing. In my years of life, I have never seen a better time in communication, nor a worse time.

    In my humble opinion, the CSM are more than just a sounding board for CCP’s ideas. They fall into that “spaceship politician” category and for that, I expect them to perform at a much higher standard than when they play a space pixel game. Is this an unreal expectation?? Perhaps, but this is what I expect.

    As I stated during the podcast, I hate trolls and trolling. It seems to me to be an opportunity to speak whatever nasty/snarky/inane thing you can without the responsibility of being held to the words you use. *takes out the old man voice* In my day (and how I was brought up), the words I choose to use I am responsible for. I realize this is unpopular in today’s interpersonal relationship challenged world.

    *thanks for your patience, I’m bringing this back around now…*

    So…with the anonymity of the internet, the disturbing trend of “trolling” (because of that anonymity), and the lack of accountability for ones choices of words, I would like to see the names of the CSM made public. I expect the work done by the CSM to be serious, and taken seriously. I do respect your disagreement, and (as I mentioned earlier) profess my naivete when it comes to such things, but I deeply think that if I’m attaching my name to my actions, I’ll be a bit more responsible for the things I do.

    Now, with regards to your last paragraph, that I must disagree with. I don’t see it as “unjustified entitlement”. I see it as purely my opinion. If it were unjustified entitlement, I’d expect CCP to make the change. I am under no such illusions that CCP would change this back on my behalf. You, uh, do realize that CSM members did have to disclose their names at one time, right?

    Finally, I do see the purposes of the CSM being very different from a focus group. Again, my expectations of the CSM may be off base, but (to me) focus groups give opinions of products or services while the CSM are working with CCP to improve the game experience. Also, every focus group I’ve been on, they’ve asked me my name.

    Thanks for your comments!

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