HD 58: The Dart Board Edition

Dart Board Edition


Just like in a fine game of pub darts, you work yourself around the board trying to hit the numbers you want. Tonight’s show was sort of the same. I’m a little late getting this one together but RL and the run up to the holiday season is getting very busy. However, on this 58th episode of High Drag, we talk post-Vegas and dartboard our way around picking topics and chatting for a bit. Mike Azariah hot drops us for a bit early on and Ash had to leave us early leaving Fin and I to play clean up.

The Panel:
Mike Azariah
Random McNally

Lawyers, Guns and Money by Warren Zevon
Follow Me by Uncle Cracker

3 thoughts on “HD 58: The Dart Board Edition

  1. Regarding play to win, let me tell you why i think you guys are wrong… Pay to win means you can pay real money to get something that another player can’t get unless that player also pays with real money.

    Currently, you have to invest time to gain SP, which means that all new players start on a level playing field, and providing they have the same implants and train the same skills, neither player will have an in-game advantage.

    When CCP allows a player to buy SP, they allow that player to gain an edge simply by spending money. This “edge” doesn’t guarantee a win but in certainly increases your chance to win a fight… Therefore, it is “pay to win” .

    1. Normally, I’d agree with you but that doesn’t explain the Character Bazaar. Prior to the SP proposal, I could do (basically) the exact same thing by going to the bazaar and buy a better character. Doesn’t this fall pretty much in the same catagory?

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