HD 55: It’s a Little Late to Be Angry!


Hello folks, it has been a week since the recording and in true eve fashion: the constructive criticism (bitching) in this episode is now obsolete. We were concerned with the silence from CCP as well as the podcasting community and our intentions were sinister; yet, like with most evil master plans, the very next day after the live recording, a devblog, a BC iteration thread, and a new Declarations of War podcast dropped… throwing our dastardly accusations to the wind. That doesn’t mean this episode isn’t fantastic… because… it is. I assure you. Enjoy!


Kyle Yanowski (Twitter: @keepitlikeitwas)
Random McNally (Twitter: @randommcnally1)
Fintarue (Twitter @fintarue)
Ashterothi (Twitter @Ashterothi)
Sonic Mulder aka Ashcoat!


“Where is my mind” by The Pixies
“Asshole” by Dennis Leary

4 thoughts on “HD 55: It’s a Little Late to Be Angry!

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you folks got bitten by the bittervet bug – it’s sad to hear this on the usually really fun High Drag. Don’t Panic! Recovery is possible Xander has been laid up for a while and some of his usual podcast panelists may not make it, but there are steps to take that will improve your chances of being able to return to a normal Eve life. Firstly, stop reading Reddit to reduce your intake of toxins. Secondly, stop listening to toxic podcasts – and even more important, stop making them – this is what nearly killed Xander. Thirdly, get out there into Eve and find whatever makes you happy – lowsec pvp, exploration, or yes, even industry if that’s your thing (we won’t judge, Kyle).

    Seriously though, it’s rough timing that between when you recorded this and it was published there were two dev blogs, and there have now been two more following today’s o7 show (which I haven’t finished listening to). I gotta say that I wish that Fly Reckless would come back just so I can hear Connall ramble excitedly on all the possible ways that the newly rebalanced BCs could be used. Just envision that in your mind and soon you’ll want to undock.

    Best of luck on your road to Eve recovery!

  2. I’m surprised by the negative feedback. I think it’s good that every once in a while you clearly state, this is a shit talking episode and then proceed to shit talk. I find it a fun change. Anyway, that wasn’t what I came here to post. I was trying to find the Yin of Fin for this episode. I have to use an EE-602 implant to make this fit or a meta disruptor.

    [Confessor, Yin of Fin, HD55]
    Damage Control II
    Adaptive Nano Plating II
    Heat Sink II
    Heat Sink II
    Small Ancillary Armor Repairer, Nanite Repair Paste

    Warp Disruptor II
    ‘Langour’ Drive Disruptor I
    5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive

    Small Focused Pulse Laser II, Scorch S
    Small Focused Pulse Laser II, Scorch S
    Small Focused Pulse Laser II, Scorch S
    Small Focused Pulse Laser II, Scorch S
    [empty high slot]
    [empty high slot]

    Small Energy Locus Coordinator I
    Small Energy Locus Coordinator I
    Small Energy Locus Coordinator I

    1. Howdy! Instead use a meta 3 or 4 damage control. 3 works fine, and frees up plenty of fitting for the fit to use a t2 disruptor. I prefer to not using fitting implants, so I have room for other implants.

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