A salute to our loved ones.

Hey High Drag listeners,

I have said for years that “life is a terminal disease”. We are all born, and when that occurs, we are “on the clock”. If you follow me on twitter or read the very rare blogs I put up, you will know that my father has been battling cancer. His battle was lost as of Saturday morning. There is a bit of a relief as that person laying in that hospice bed did not resemble my father in any way. It was tough watching him go.

We spent the day yesterday at the funeral home making the necessary arrangements. He will be cremated. He will receive a military honor guard as he was a veteran and served his country proudly. Then he will come home.


This was my father’s pride and joy. He purchased it from my grandfather and has been in the family since. It’s hardly capsuleer technology. I will be bringing his ashes home in this car.

Plans are to record on September 10th. Same bat time, same bat channel. We’ll have Fin’s stream (hopefully) up and running.
In the meantime, give your parents, spouses, children and friends hugs. Tell them how much you care for them.

Ain’t none of us here forever.
The clock is ticking.

8 thoughts on “A salute to our loved ones.

  1. My condolences to you and your family. If you need anything, just ask. It’s the least I can do for someone who makes Eve something more than a game to me. Thank you, Random.

  2. Scott, my condolences to you and your family! You know if ya need to talk how to get a hold of me. As I just went through the same thing with my Mom less than two years ago! I got your back bro!

  3. Sorry to hear the news Random. If my experience was anything to go by, it was 6 months before life returned to something resembling normality. While it’ll be great to hear another podcast, if you need the space and time, just take it. We can wait. You and family take care.

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