HD 51: High Drag, Podside, and Down the Pipe. BFFs.


Its been a while, but I’m(kyle) back. The Podside guys along with Lotor from Down the Pipe joined us to talk about our favorite persistent universe. In this episode, we talk about Structures, Valkyrie, and making decisions as a Fleet Commander under the new Sov changes.

The panel for this episode is:

Kyle Yanowski @keepitlikeitwas
Random McNally @randommcnally1
Ashterothi @ashterothi
Lotor @lotor_eve
Gill Reymerus @gillreymerus
Kazumi @idonthaveatwitter

Music in this episode:
“Days Gone By” by the Offspring
“Wrong Way Kids” by Bad Religion

2 thoughts on “HD 51: High Drag, Podside, and Down the Pipe. BFFs.

  1. Please please please can someone tell Gil to shut up.
    I’ve had to stop listening to podside because of his pointless, inane, constant interruptions. Is he now going to ruin High Drag too?
    Not one subject was covered in this episode without him wading in and turning it into the Gil show. If he’s on the next episode I’m done.

    1. While I wouldn’t stop listening if he was on again, I do want to comment and say that it really did ruin some of the episode for me with him on. I’ve tried several times to listen to podside because they had some interesting content like ccp interviews. However I personally feel that they love to hear themselves talk and they hardly make any progress in an episode. They basically get in these debates that are on mundane crap that doesn’t matter at all to what they are talking about and just spend long amounts of time repeating the same thing that last person said in a different way. I can understand if you guys enjoy their company and will still listen even when they are on (you guys are seriously awesome). As a listener though it made it a frustrating episode that didn’t have as much content as you usually have. That’s just my opinion though:) looking forward to the next episode. Thanks for what you guys do!

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